Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting in Shape for 08

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, for the second time ever (and the second year in a row) all of the Nevada football players passed with acceptable times in Chris Ault's "Nevada Run".

The Nevada Run is a test designed to challenge a persons speed, agility, and endurance.

This year, three football players were able to set new positional records. I take this as a sign that the guys are putting in the time and energy in the weight room required to make themselves the most prepared they can be. The players who set all new records at their positions are:

Quarterbacks: Sophomore Colin Kaepernick, last years WAC freshman of the year, bested former Wolf Pack and current Cincinnati Bengals' QB Jeff Rowe's old Record. From what we are hearing around town, it sounds like Kaepernick is planning to break some records in the weight room as well before his career at Nevada comes to a close

Tight Ends: Red-shirt Freshman Zach Sudfeld, the Wolf Pack's Full Speed, Effort and Habits award winner (given to the scout team player of the year) continued to show how much that hard work can pay off by setting a new mark for TE's. At 6'7" 230 and growing the future looks like it could be bright at the TE spot.

Defensive Ends: Red-shirt Freshman Bretty Roy, who at 6'4" 225 pounds was originally listed as a LB, appears to be making the switch to defensive end. It could be a much needed change if senior Erics Clark isn't allowed another year of eligibility. Having a tall athletic kid like Roy opposite future NFL prospect Kevin Basped will be a must when facing pass happy New Mexico State and Hawaii this October.


Drew said...

Kaepernick breaking records in the weight room? I would believe "Kaepernick breaking bones in the weight room"

keep it real said...

Just found this blog...great job!
I hear Kap is alot stronger than he looks. suppose to have missed the QB squat record by only 4 lbs.

Packfan7 said...

Thanks for the compliment.

That's quite impressive if what you say is true about Kaepernick. I'm just hoping he becomes freakishly good like Vince Young did at Texas by the time he was gone.

And drew is hoping for the opposite.

Drew said...

I'm not hoping for the opposite...Kaep is a darn good QB. It is just amazing to me that he is that fast and strong with such a thin frame. He looks like he could break in two.

Of course, I'm hoping that he doesn't go crazy against BSU again...but I'm sure Wolf Pack fans would like to be rid of Ian Johnson to so I guess it's a wash.