Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting In Shape Part Deux

#94, Defensive tackle Mundrae Clifton is getting ready for his senior year in a big way. After having a successful junior season in which he moved inside to the tackle spot after the Pack switched from it's 3-4 defense to a 4-3 defense, Mundrae "Dre" Clifton is looking to join fellow teammates Josh Mauga and Dominic Green as a player who's name is on the tip of NFL scouts tongues.

After his record shattering squat of 805 pounds this spring, that shouldn't be too hard.

According to the Reno Gazette Journal, Clifton was one of a few players to set new marks in various strength categories. It probably helps that Nevada's director of strength, John Archer, was used to seeing some serious numbers when working as Nebraska's assistant strength coach before coming to Nevada. But while working with one of the top football schools in the nation like Nebraska, Archer hadn't seen a squat number as high as the one that Dre put up.

The record had been held by former fan favorite and recently graduated nose tackle Matt Hines at 760 pounds.

Along with Dre's mind boggling squat record, the other records broken were:

Two quarterbacks passed up Travis Moore's squat record of 485 pounds. Sophomore Colin Kaepernick passed the record at 490 pounds. It wouldn't be enough though as Red-Shirt Freshman Luke Collis would also break and then set the new mark at 495 pounds.

Red-Shirt Freshman Shane Anderson broke Kyle Sammons and Andy McIntosh's previous co-owned squat record of 545 pounds with a new record of 565 pounds for a wide receiver.

Sophomore Dontay Moche broke the old squat mark for defensive ends (which had been owned by Clifton before he moved inside) with a 685 pound lift, putting him 5 pounds over the 680 set last year.

And lastly, the only non-squat record set was by Junior wide receiver Arthur King Jr who set the new bench press mark at 360 pounds. The previous record of 355 pounds was owned by Arthur King Jr as well, thus breaking his own record.

These are some amazing numbers and it's exciting to see that with the exception of Clifton, these are all underclassmen who are working hard to steer this team in the right direction. The WAC championship direction!

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