Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fantasy Time!

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College Fantasy Football is increasing in popularity. This year, as new leagues are created and new fans join the excitement that is fantasy football, a number of Nevada Wolf Pack players names are popping up amongst the premium players to nab at their positions.

Here are a list of popular web sites that are associated with CFB and their rankings and thoughts on our Wolf Pack:

The first player to pop up on this site is WR Marko Mitchell as their #40 rated WR in the country. They didn't right a lot about Marko but did say that they felt he could build on his solid season last year to become a premier WR in the country. We agree!

Next up was the highest rated Wolf Pack fantasy pick and cracking the top 10 in the nation at #9 RB Luke Lippincott. They talk about the sporadic games and how Luke was capable for going for 60 yards and a TD one week and 200 yards and 4 TD's the next. They expect him to show more consistency this year and like him a lot of a fantasy league where season totals dictate the champion and not week to week heads up matches.

Last of the Nevada players is QB Colin Kaepernick who comes in as the #23 fantasy QB. CFFI does a nice job with this write up quoting former Marquette coach Al McGuire (interestingly Colin's bio lists him as being from Milwaukee WI...coincidence?) "the best thing about freshman is that they become sophomores" and then states that Nevada foes should be worried. One thing they did with the QB's that I'm hoping they do with the RB's and WR's is list a projected stats for 2008. For Colin they think 800 yards and 8 rushing scores and 2600 yards and 21 passing scores. We think probably a few more passing scores but the rest is probably about right.

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www.profantasysports.com/collegefootball/ :

This is another pretty good site that you will find when surfing the college fantasy football ranks. They are also going through the lists of players and give their thoughts on a few of the Wolf Pack.

This site starts out with Marko again and they've got him ranked a little higher at #34 in the nation. So far they don't have their breakdown of individual players out yet but check in with them over the next few days and it should be there.

Moving on to the RB's, they've got Luke just a few places lower at #12 and with a pretty hefty write-up on him that I'm sure you will all enjoy reading. I'll give you the basics: Start out with a history lesson including Luke's beginning as a safety and showing promise as a back in 2006. Talked about the uncertainty going into the 2007 season and the absolute explosion of offense after Kaepernick was inserted, beginning with the mad stats at Boise and on through the rest of the season. Mentioned his finishing ahead of preseason Heisman candidate Ian Johnson and being one of the biggest surprises in the WAC. Lastly talked about his role as a means of defense through ball control this upcoming year and his value as a fantasy football player because of that.

Lastly with the QB's again, PFS has Colin listed one spot higher at #22 and also gives us a lot to read about. The basics: Talk about his evaluation coming out of high school and how they felt it was pretty far off. Lists some stats from last season. Goes into the QB battle with Graz a bit and talks about that. Wraps it up with their feeling that Colin could be good for 35 total scores this season, which even too us would be a lot for a sophomore.

There are some other good sites out there but they just aren't up to date as much as those two. A couple we will be watching to see in the coming month are:



and a great site to just grab all kinds of link and get your news from is:



JT Ray said...

Pack Fan, JT Ray from the Bronco Nation Podcast and Bronco Nation N.O.W. website, after searching for your email address I have been left to ask if you would like to do a quick interview in regards to the Wolfpack on an upcoming episode. Please feel free to email me at questions@bronconationnow.com

Packfan7 said...

I sent you an email.

Vince said...

can I put in a pitch for my website also? We are in Year Four of fantasy college football analysis.

Fantasy College Blitz

We debut our cheatsheets later than others, I have Marko Mitchell at #21 in preliminary rankings and am sure our RB analyst has Luke in Top Ten.

Packfan7 said...

I expect Marko to have a big year. He went for 1129 yards (good for #20 overall) in 2007 but really 219 yards in the first 4 complete games and then the other 910 yards over the last 8 games. That's an average of 55 vs. 113 per.

The difference was that he appeared to be Kaepernick's go-to guy. Especially when you consider that Marko only had 61 vs. Nichols and 39 vs. UNLV and only 1 score combined between the two with Graziano thowing for 566 yards and 8 scores in the same games.

Graz and the Pack were moving and scoring, Marko just wasn't a big part of that.

Fantasy drafters may miss things like that.