Saturday, July 26, 2008


(Picture from AP)

I still remember the first time I saw Kevin Basped. It was during the spring before he attended the University of Nevada. I did a double take. Then a triple take. The reason: I thought I was seeing Jevon Kearse on Nevada's campus. That was two years ago.

Fast forward through a red-shirt year and frosh season in which he had 4 sacks (2nd on the team) and 11.5 tackles for loss (3rd best) and things are looking very bright for 6' 6" 240 pounder entering his third season in Nevada silver and blue.

So what about this young man has us so excited? (Besides the crazy picture where he looks like he's engulfing that Utah St back into a black hole never to be seen again.) Let's start with high school. KB recorded 18 sacks as a senior at Florin HS in the Sacramento area. He also played tight end and ran track, so you know he's not slow. Heck, according to his profile on Nevada's official site he even blocked a punt. Then he did as well as he did last year, but only started 5 games. In a full time role, with another season under his belt, we agree with Athlon Sports pick of Kevin as a preseason 1st team All WAC defensive player.

I'm going to throw out a prediction for the Freak on the season. 10 sacks. 15 TFL. 2 Fumble Recoveries.

By the time he leaves the program we think Kevin will go from Freak to Super Freak. Rick James would be proud to have the nickname carried on by such a worthy young man! We can see it now, Basped blowing up Kellen Moore in Reno and the crowd yelling in unison, "I'm Kevin Basped, b@#ch!" ala Dave Chapelle.


Rory said...

According to an ESPN blog, Mundrae Clifton goes by the nickname "The Big Hungry". Now that is a baddass nickname!

Blackwolf said...

This young man reminds me of Kaep on defense. Upside is huge and Ault certainly knew what he was recruiting when he got this young man. Should be fun watching him use his athleticism as he goes around offensive tackles. Clifton putting pressure up the middle and Badsped coming from the outside should really help the Wolf Pack's "D" this year.