Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You Go Graham Watson!

If you haven't been following ESPN's Independents Blog and new writer Graham Watson's take on things, you are really missing out.

This morning Graham says she ran into Luke Lippincott and Mundrae Clifton, who both accompanied coach Ault to the WAC Media Event in Salt Lake City. Here is a quote from her notes:

"One of the first things Lippincott told me when I said I was from ESPN is that Nevada is going to be a lot better than people think.
I don't disagree. "

Heck, we don't disagree either Graham. Thanks for the updates and we'll be looking forward to reading more from your blog through out the next couple of days.

We really like the confidence that young Lippincott is showing in his team and hope to see that along with a bit of swagger as the season starts in just a short 5 weeks.

Also, from this mornings events we've learned that Nevada is picked third in both the media and coaches polls behind Boise and Fresno, which flip flopped their positions. Coaches felt Fresno is the team to beat while the media (somewhat surprisingly I think) felt the Boise was the team to beat.

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