Friday, August 15, 2008

Bloggers Gettin Crazy! 15 Mas Dias

Although PWtW is not a site that posts multiple reports on a daily basis ala OBNUG (hey we get it, nothing better to do in Idaho) that doesn't mean that PWtW doesn't read those blogs.

And it doesn't mean that at times, we don't get side-swiped by data.

This morning on the RGJ's blog (yep, the Reno paper has a blog too) it was reported that Luke Collis appears to be solidifying the number 3 spot behind Kaepernick and Graziano. But the more important data that was reported (and why it's not in an article but just a blog is beyond us) was that Graziano didn't participate in practice. WTF! Coach Ault said it was just to get Collis more reps. And the RGJ appears to be speculating that it's because he doesn't need any more work and Kaepernick does. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh the guy was out 2/3rds of last season, all of spring, and part of the summer and you're trying to tell us that the #3 guy needs more reps? Or that he's already rebounded and doesn't need the work? Boy we sure hope everything is cool and that's all it really is. Nevada has the top QB group in the WAC but if either Graziano or Kaepernick can't go, that position gets real thin real fast.

On the lighter side of things, the RGJ also reported a funny story (maybe not so funny to BSU fans who might read this) about Kaepernick taunting red shirt freshman and recently named starter Brandon Marshall:
(From RGJ Blog): "Back to Kaepernick's jaunt. The team was in scrimmage mode when Kaepernick rolled right from about his own 35 and saw a lot of daylight. He sprinted down the right sideline with red shirt freshman linebacker Brandon Marshall giving chase from across the field. Marshall began to close in when Kaepernick bellowed, "You gotta take a deeper angle than that." Kaepernick pulled away for the touchdown, leaving an astonished Marshall to just say, "Damn, he's fast!"" (

Also, speaking of OBNUG, they give their thoughts on Nevada and I have to say for them it's not too bad. They give some respect as hard as that probably is for them to do. I can only imagine what this QB battle must be doing to them. Go with the frosh or the senior? We are just sort of hoping that when it comes time to play Boise, their QB's name is Bush. The possibilities are endless...... (

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