Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey CFN...You Suck!

If there is any site out there that does not give Nevada a lick of respect, it's CFN (College Football Nohomeworkonnonbcsteams dot com).

Let's talk about their recent "unit rankings". After ESPN's Graham Watson called Nevada's QB duo of Colin Kaepernick and Nick Graziano "the best quarterbacking tandem in the country", CFN decided to rank the QB units on teams across the country. Where did Nevada's duo fall? Top 5? Nah, Graham got carried away with that comment. Ok. Top 10? Top 25? Top 50?

Try 52.

New Mexico State 14? #1: if you think Chase Holbrook is that much better than either of our guys, think again dummies. #2: if Chase goes down, then what?

Notre Dame 34? And Jimmy Clausen is a candidate for the Maxwell award....oh wait a minute, I guess he is.

And don't even get us started on Running Backs. You MF'ers! SOB's! You've got us hopping mad now.

The leading rushing attack in the WAC. The returning WAC rushing champion.


Fresno State 21? I bet they can't even name a Fresno St running back without cliff notes.

Boise State 8? Really! Number 8 in the whole nation! Didn't rush for more yards than Nevada did last year. But we understand. Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend on national television. Luke Lippincott might not even have a girlfriend for all we know.

We think ESPN is a much more reputable source of information than CFN, so we're sticking with their assessment.

By the end of this post, we've calmed down a bit. CFN, we'll forgive you. But mark our words, when this season is over we will be reminding you of your errant ways.


OBNUG said...

Chase Holbrook is only this popular because no one has seen him play before. Great research, everyone.

Eric said...

Seriously, that's ridiculous. I know how you feel, I just saw that Brian Kelly is the 18th best coach in the nation. I think he's a top 5 coach, but maybe I'm biased because I'm a Grand Valley State and Central Michigan fan.

Granted, if it's based on coaching accomplishments, then fine. But as you can see, most non-BCS coaches are at the back of the ranking while most big-time names are near the top. Just because Chris Ault coaches at Nevada, June Jones coaches at SMU, or Brady Hoke coaches at Ball State doesn't mean they're lesser coaches than Urban Meyer. Meyer just arrived on the scene earlier.

Sheesh. Anyway, I agree with the QB situation at Nevada. It should probably be in the top 15-20 or so in the country with Kapernick and Graziano.

mwcfootball said...

Hey I write a blog covering the mountain west and was wondering if you wanted to do a Q&A when Nevada plays UNLV. Let me know @

fbnut said...

52!!!!!!! While I think ESPN was a little over the top with being the best in the country with Kap/Graz, 52 is way off. I think maybe top 15 is more realistic. Also, the running game should be ranked much higher.
Plus, don't even get me started on that dude Jimmy Claussen. Just another situation where the name carries a ton of pluses. It sure isn't because of his play. Kap and Graz are just as good, geez probably better. Talk about politics, it is alive and well in college football.

Packfan7 said...

Great to see all of you responding and I feel your pain with those or you who are fans of other teams and are feeling the same way.

I mean, seriously, no knock on our own offensive line because I think they are a solid group, but you take a guy like Lippincott and put him behind Michigan or Wisconsin's line and you think he wouldn't be good enough to get Mike Hart type of numbers in the Big 10?

Just because a guy wasn't four or five stars out of highschool, they get written off. And I believe I've seen players drop from 4 to 3 star after signing with a non-bcs conference school.

One thing I do think you will see in the future is less and less 4 and 5 star caliber players are going to go USC or Ohio State if it means sitting behind the current 4 or 5 star sophomore for the next 3 years. Kids want to play and start and more and more transfers are taking place each year it seems.

Drew said...

Lippincott is good...but Boise State is 4 deep with guys that could start anywhere in the WAC. Nevada was rated too low, but shouldn't have been above Boise State. Calm down.