Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Mourning After

Waking up this morning we hoped to feel better about the rest of the 2008 season.


After ripping Grambling (like we were supposed to) and playing Tech tough (like we were supposed to), the Misery Tigers beat down (wasn't supposed to be like this) has us a bit perplexed. Add to it that the team down south beat Utah State, played top 25 Utah tough (wasn't supposed to do that) and then just upset #15 Arizona State (WTF!) and it absolutely gives us reason to pause.

Combine that with the fact that the rest of the WAC isn't looking too bad (La Tech beat Mississippi State who darn near knocked off Auburn last night, Fresno beat Rutgers and nearly pulled of the win over Wisconsin last night, Boise is being Boise with a weak preseason schedule, San Jose St has apparently found a QB in Kyle Reed, etc, etc) and the Wolf Pack outlook just get blurrier and blurrier.

It could very well be that Missouri goes on to win the national championship. That they are that good. That our Wolf Pack had their worst game of the year. And that we'll look back with a 10-2 record and chalk this one up to those things.

The worst part of all of this speculating and wondering is that we now have a full two weeks to find out. Hopefully that means that coach Ault and Co. have a full two weeks to figure out what went wrong and correct it.

We do know this: We will not play another team as good as the one we just faced. And we will not play another team as good as the one we played the week before that. Texas Tech is 3-0. Missouri is 3-0.

We're going to lean towards the "Glass is half full" approach and say that in two weeks we go to sin city and thump those SOB's. If that holds true it will be like a heavy weight being lifted off of Wolf Pack faithful chests.

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Drew said...

Damn...looks like "Boise is being Boise" and is ranked and 3-0.