Monday, June 1, 2009

Can We Get a Little More Lisa, A Little Less Graham Please?

After about a dozen Boise State questions on Graham Watson's recent live chat on (including one in which she suggests the donks should move to the Pac 10 to up their schedule) she finally got to the Nevada questions:

Jacob (reno): Can we talk about something other than Boise St. please? Someone earlier asked about ECU's deep running core, however Nevada probably has the best depth at RB in the country. How good will Nevada's offense be this season?

Graham Watson: Sure. i think, and I've written this 100 times, Nevada is going to have the best running game in the WAC and perhaps the country. I do think that Kaapernick isn't going to try and be a pass-first QB with Taua and Lippincott in the backfield. I believe it when I see it. I think one of Kap's best traits is his running ability, but the kid has a rocket arm. He just needs to focus on control and accuracy. "

So, "I believe it when I see it" reminds us of a joke we once heard:

A blond prays to God every night that she will win the lottery. Finally, after months of praying and not winning the blond cries out, "God, have I not been a good Christian? Have I not done everything you've asked of me? What must I do, how far must I go for you to finally be rewarded with the lottery win?" To which God replied, "What must you do to be rewarded? Well you can start by buying a f###ing ticket".

In other words, Graham, you could watch a Wolf Pack game. I mean, your past comments about Lippincott returning being this load off of Kaepernick shows that you do not understand our offense, considering it's a single back set and Taua was the leading rusher in the WAC. And when Jacob asked about our deep backfield, he probably meant more than Kaepernick, Taua, and Lippincott. Everyone knows about them. He was talking about a healthy Brandon Fragger, and experienced Courtney Randal, and a youthful Mike Ball and Lampford Mark to plug in any time one of those other guys needs a spell. As for Kaepernick not being a very good a frosh he finished with a top 10 in the nation passer rating and last season was in the top 45.

Reno: Graham, then how would you compare Nevada's OOC schedule?

Graham Watson: ND, Colorado State, Mizzou, and UNLV. I think this is a better non conference schedule than a lot of teams in the WAC. I'm one of the few that thinks Nevada can beat ND in ND. Heck, if San Diego State can do it, why not Nevada? Now, whether Nevada thinks it can win is a different story. I think they'll have a better chance against Missouri, but that will probably still be a loss. Missouri is down this year, but the defense is still going to be tough. I think Nevada can sweep the MWC schools on the schedule.

So you think we can beat ND, but you don't think we think we can? And you think we have a better chance of beating Missouri than ND, but you think we will lose to the Tigers. So in other words you predict 0-2 against the big schools.

Mike Sanford (Sam Boyd Stadium): What are the chances that my Rebels go bowling this year? What games are must wins in order to do that?

Graham Watson: I like UNLV to go bowling this year. I think the Rebels will be much better than they were a year ago. And I also think Sanford has the right mindset of getting his team ready for high-octane spread offenses early so their not cramming on game week.

Totally F'ing unacceptable. We can't even say any more. Ick!

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keep it real said...

"If San Diego state can do it"? Someone needs to inform Graham that ND won that game.