Monday, October 19, 2009

Ok. Here's The Thing......

A while back these three men dressed in dark clothing broke into our house, murdered our dad and stole a bunch of our stuff. Ever since that time we've been trying to recover and haven't had time to write.

Ooops, wait a minute we're getting that confused again with Mike Ball, Luke Lippincott, and Colin Kaepernick ripping out the hearts of UNLV fans and killing Mike Sanford's career. Never mind.

No seriously, it's not the 0-3 start that killed the motivation to write. It's not the shut out at ND. It's not the ridiculousness that took place at Fort Collins. It's just that it takes a lot of time and energy to keep a blog going. Call it lazy. Call it selfish. Call it what you want. Still love the Wolf Pack. Still watch every game for detail. Still cry a little each time we think about the trip to South Bend. Still smile a little bit every time we think about Beat Down Part Deux.

We know we missed out on commenting on some great things in Wolf Pack history. We did not address coach's 200th win (shame, shame, shame). We did not address the three 170 yard rushers rolling over UNLV like Patton's tank treads rolled over the Nazi in North Africa. Hey: How's The Beat Down Feeling Guys!

In a word to summarize us....Slackers! Yes, that is what we are. Big old slackers. And it also doesn't help when S& keeps doing better and better coverage of Wolf Pack football with photos, podcasts, professionally written stories, a couple of really really ridiculously good looking owners, etc. It's like, "why write here when I can go there and enjoy their hard work for free" (or for a small $89.99 price per year). It's the American way you know!

We probably should have done this a long time ago. If there are Wolf Pack fans out there who would like to contribute and write their own stories and opinions about the Wolf Pack and have them published on PWtW we would be more than happy to add you as an author. In fact, we had sort of always intended for the site to go that route. We won't live forever you know. Please email us at and let us know a bit about yourself if you are interested. I know the guys over at have gotten some great stuff out of some of you. Unfortunately here we just don't have the time to keep it going on a daily basis. You don't have to worry about anything either. If you write something we don't like or agree with, we'll just not publish it! See how easy it can be for you.

So we didn't have a lot of time on our hands. Then we got lazy. Then maybe just a tiny bit depressed from the Notre Dame start and that didn't help matters. It's not that we didn't still love the Wolf Pack. It's not that we didn't want to write something. It was just hard to find a way to be a braggart about anything after they basically put their finger in the end of our pistol, took it away from us, and gave us our own pistol whip. Then days turned into weeks. Weeks to months. Months to years. Well not really but you know what we mean. So please; help us fall back off the wagon and into an addicted mess of Wolf Pack shit talking if you would.

We are still planning to honor our bet with Bronco Country (incase they are wondering).

Big game this weekend against Idaho. Who ever would have thought we would be saying that in the context that we mean it? Big win, even if it was a bit ugly, on the road in a tough place to play last week against the bAggies (don't forget that the last time we played in Utah we needed a 4th quarter TD pass from Kap to McCoy to pull out the 3 point win).

We'll try to make a better effort to keep on howlin this year.

See you all this weekend at Mackay!

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