Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us at PWtW to all of you Wolf Pack fans!

Have a wonderful weekend and watch the Pack give the Bulldogs a beatdown on ESPN Gameplan or ESPN 360 or in person in Rouston.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rival Blog Bet Post

Colin Kaepernick mad lib

So here it is. Well we could have potentially made our's a lot worse. I was considering comissioning an artist to sketch something along the lines of Ault and Kaepernick carrying some bloody limbs or something. With that said, you can't help but grin at this little joke the boys over at OBNUG came up with. Good job guys and good luck with Fresno.


Instructions: Fill in each blank with an appropriate word. Then read the story from the beginning. Laugh as you feel led to laugh.

Colin Kaepernick, Nevada's (adjective)-legged runnerback, was having a long (period of time). The Boise State Broncos tackled him a lot. His teammates were very unhelpful. The local (fast food restaurant) stopped giving him freebies. "I just wish I could atone for my mistakes," Kaepernick said, to no one in particular.

Just then, a police car pulled up. Officer (humorous last name) got out and ran up to Kaepernick.

"Hello, son," he said (adverb), while munching on a (pastry). "Come with me. We need your help."

Kaepernick threw on his (article of clothing), zipped up his (item with a zipper), and pulled on his legwarmers. He climbed into the police car, and they drove off into the Nevada desert.

"Mind if we listen to (famous girl band/artist)?" Kaepernick asked.

About (number) minutes later, they arrived at the scene and stepped out of the car. Kaepernick immediately saw what had happened. It appeared that a (desert animal) was holding Nevada head coach Chris Ault and (famous movie actor) in its mouth, refusing to let go.

"Hey, (nickname for Colin Kaepernick)," Ault said. "I cannot feel my (body part). Is it still there? I'm sure glad you came."

"Me, too, coach. I wasn't invited to any (adjective) parties tonight, so I would have been kind of (adjective). Do you want to watch (movie) after this is over?"

"Sure. Mrs. Ault is making (meal). She's a (adjective) cook. You can come over to my place."

Kaepernick turned to the police officer for instructions on how to save his head coach and his second favorite actor besides (person in the cast of Friends or Gossip Girl). "That animal's a tough son of a (noun)," the police chief said. "He won't let us go within 12 feet of him. Colin, we're going to need you to throw (plural noun) at the animal to scare it back into the desert. Can you handle that?"

"(either 'yes' or 'no')," Kaepernick answered.

Kaepernick picked up the first object to throw. He checked for (weather), aimed (adverb), and chucked it toward the animal. It wobbled like a (water fowl) and sailed (multiple of 10) feet wide of everybody.

"I'll put more (body part) into it this time," Kaepernick said.He picked up a (noun) and hucked it in the direction of Coach Ault and the movie star. This time, Kaepernick's throw was more (adjective), but instead of hitting the animal, it hit the movie star square in the (body part), knocking him unconscious.

"Colin," the police officer said. "This is your last shot. If you can't scare the animal away with this one, Coach Ault and the movie star could be done for."

"So it's kind of like the final drive against Boise State," Kaepernick replied. "I got this. Does anyone have any (beverage)? I'm parched."

Kaepernick took a swig of the drink then picked up the last remaining (noun) to throw at the animal. Kaepernick cocked his arm back, said a quick (lyrics to a song), and hurled it with all his might toward the animal. It overshot everything by a good ten yards, landing next to a (desert flora).

"Bummer," the police officer said.

"Sorry, coach," Kaepernick said.

"Great," Ault responded. "This animal's going to eat me like a (fast food sandwich). Oh well. I had a good run. I almost beat Boise State that one time."

"Coach, did you say 'run'?" Kaepernick asked. The (euphemism for thoughts) began turning in Kaepernick's head as he (adverb) thought up a plan to rescue his coach and the movie star. Then it hit him. When in doubt, run the (Nevada's only offensive play that ever works).

"Where are you going?" the police chief asked as Kaepernick approached the animal and its captives.

"I'm saving my (colloquial group of people)," Kaepernick replied.

As Kaepernick approached the animal, it let go of Coach Ault and the movie star and (verb denoting movement) toward Kaepernick. With a quick juke to the (direction), Kaepernick dodged the animal's bite and took off sprinting toward (U.S. city). The animal took off after him.

"I'm alive!" Coach Ault yelled. "Guess I'll have to (adverb) gameplan against (Derek Dooley's team) now. But I'll need Kaepernick if I want to avoid pulling a (Pat Hill's team)."

"No problem," the police officer said. "I know a guy."

The officer pulled a (color) phone from his pocket, dialed a secret number, and Boise State's (redshirt freshman phenom quarterback) appeared out of nowhere.

"This better be important," Moore said. "I was (something heroic)."

"Can you throw this (noun) and hit the animal that is chasing Colin Kaepernick about five (large unit of measure) away?" the police chief asked.

Moore picked up the object and casually tossed it in the direction of Kaepernick and the animal, striking the animal square on the (body part).

"Can I go now?" Moore asked.

Would you like to stay with me, watch reruns of (TV show) at my place, and play against LaTech on Saturday?" Chris Ault asked.

"No," Moore said.

"Then yes, you can go," Ault responded. "And thank you, Kellen Moore. You are the (position of power) of football and the (superlative of good) quarterback I have ever seen."

"Hey, what about me?" a winded Kaepernick asked.

(adjective) silence.

The end.

Monday, November 24, 2008

We Are Waiting

For the nasty little blog we are going to have to post on behalf of the guys over at OBNUG.


And YUCK could be a good way to describe many facets of Saturdays game.

Where should we start?

YUCK to our being out coached in the first half.

YUCK to Colin's completion percentage.

YUCK to our WR's hands.

YUCK to giving up 300+ yards in the air in the first half.

YUCK to our abandoning our nation's best rushing attack by the start of the second quarter.

YUCK to our clock management. AGAIN!

YUCK to our injuries to our punter and our starting guard. Those mattered.

Silver Lining in the yucky mess:

Nevada is getting better. A lot of these players are Sophomores. 1st time lost in Boise with a chance to win at the end of the game. 2nd time lost in Reno with a chance to win at the end of the game. 3rd time's the charm, right!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

OBNUG, PWtW Go Toe to Toe

Ladies and Gentlemen (and people from Idaho), are you ready to rumble? We'll just call this the under card to the main event this Saturday.

Kevan Lee over at OBNUG (that's One Bronco Nation Under God) has done a nice job of answering our questions about this weekends game among other things. We've also agreed to a little bet (hey, we are Nevada after all). The deal is this: Straight up on the game, winner gets to submit a post to the losers site. Wolf Pack fans, please submit ideas for the post we will be putting on OBNUG's site to

As for the interview (be warned, this is some serious spin factor):

PWtW: After last years shoot-out, what is the one thing that has changed most significantly about Boise's team from last year that leads you to believe this years contest will not turn into another shoot-out?

OBNUG: Tackling. At least, I sure hope tackling has changed.

The Bronco defense is an entirely different beast than it was last year, and that has been evident since Week Two or so. There are so many things that 2008 Boise State does better than 2007 Boise State, including the fact that they have not had to go to four overtimes with anyone yet.

Tackling should help most on Saturday against Nevada, but there are a number of new variables that could make a difference, too. BSU's defensive line has been integral to stopping spread option attacks this season. They're good. The three-safety alignment has also been a big part of shutting down the spread. The addition of Ellis Powers as a linebacker/safety hybrid has been revolutionary, like the Pop-Tart. Mmm, Pop-Tarts.

PWtW: Ian Johnson's numbers have declined since the big Fiesta Bowl win. What has contributed to that mostly? How do you see him in this years NFL draft?

OBNUG: The answer that I am choosing to give for this question is that Johnson's productivity has decreased due to the depth at running back, a new offensive philosophy, and his team-first attitude. There are a lot of really good backs at Boise State, and the coaches can't help but get them on the field. The offense, too, has been different than in year's past since the O-line can't really run block with consistency. Johnson needs big holes and running start. He's getting neither.

That isn't to say that he is any less valuable to the team. In fact, he is more valuable than ever, filling roles and providing leadership. For that reason alone, I think he is worth a look by an NFL team. But at this point, I don't see him being drafted until the later rounds, if at all. A good combine could help. Maybe.

One more thing, and keep in mind that I have never told anyone this before, so you must be special, Packfan. I think Ian Johnson has lost a step. I would prefer not to elaborate.

PWtW: Boise appears to be very well balanced this year. Do you continue with that Saturday or do you abandon the run early if it's not producing? (We are assuming you will be able to pass on our defense with some success).

OBNUG: Boise State will abandon the run as soon as it is at all feasibly possible to do so. Throughout the season, the Broncos have found in several games that the run simply is not working, and they are perfectly content to abandon it and win with the pass.

I think we'll see a Boise State offense that comes out throwing to set up the run. Kellen Moore can get the ball out quickly, which should neutralize the Pack's pass rush. Then, once the defensive ends are pinning their ears back on the rush, BSU will hit back with some draws and inside running plays.

If not, then I will be submitting my resume to BSU for the offensive coordinator position on Monday.

PWtW: There has been a lot of talk about what sort of an impact Jeron Johnson is going to have in this game. What about him makes him so important to the BSU defense?

OBNUG: Johnson sets the tone of the Boise State defense with his attitude, and he is a solid, disciplined safety. Now, when I say disciplined, I do not mean that he doesn't get unnecessary roughness penalties. He does. By disciplined, I mean that he is always in the right position at the right time, which was probably a big reason for Kaepernick and Lippincott's big day last year.

PWtW: What is it about head coach Chris Ault that you respect the most? The least?

OBNUG: I respect the fact that he can be called "Little General" without developing serious self-esteem issues. I couldn't do it.

I really don't respect his gimmicky Pistol offense. Why line up three yards off the ball? Is it really going to help a 6'5" quarterback read the defense better? Also, Ault comes across as cheeky. Whatever that means.

PWtW: How hard will it be to see our post on your site should the Bronco's fall at Mackay this weekend?

Not hard at all, assuming you know to look at the bottom of our March 2008 archive page.

True or False:
PWtW: You've watched the Fiesta Bowl on dvd or dvr at some time since this season began.
OBNUG: Do you mean one time or multiple times? Ah, it's true either way.

PWtW: You are wearing orange and blue while answering this.
OBNUG: False. I am wearing my wife's pink Jared Zabransky jersey.

PWtW: You used a four letter word during the first half of last weeks Idaho game.
OBNUG: True. "Nuts."

PWtW: You thought Fresno St would be your biggest WAC game this year.
OBNUG: False. How dare you assume that I would buy into that preseason hype. I thought it would be LaTech.

PWtW: It makes you nervous that Nevada has as much young talent starting as Boise does.
OBNUG: False. Nevada does not have as much young talent starting as Boise State does. I refuse to acknowledge this.

PWtW: You've referred to the "Q" as "Pistol" when the Broncos were using it in practice at least once.
OBNUG: True, and with disdain, might I add.

PWtW: Chris Peterson will leave for a BCS school before Kellen Moore graduates.
OBNUG: True. Let's move on.

PWtW: You enjoy seeing Colorado struggle.
OBNUG: So true that I considered moving to Boulder so that I would get the local broadcasts of their game.

PWtW: Boise State will be in the MWC before Kellen Moore graduates.
OBNUG: True. Unless he graduates this summer. In that case, false.

So there you have it folks. A BSU fans inner most secrets and feelings. You can visit OBNUG at Hopefully you will go over there and talk a bunch of trash during the next 48 hours. That would be great. Also, you should be able to find our Q&A session that we were so kind to answer for the guys over there. Hopefully they didn't butcher it too badly. (Edit, you can read it here: They really run a great site with a lot of good pictures and updates so enjoy your time over there.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did Someone Step on the Boise Ant Hill This Week?

Here is a picture that BSU fans should be used to. We're sure they will be seeing a few of these on Saturday.

BTW, WHO did WHAT to get BSU fans so stirred up this week? In case you don't read or ODNUG or Fight Fight TDU, then you are missing out on a hurricane of emotion and confusion. Do they respect the Pack? Do they disrespect the Pack? Do they stop Colin Kaepernick? Do they injure Colin Kaepernick? Why are they only a 6 point favorite? Who has Nevada played? Who has BSU played? Who is Taua? Where is that Lippincott guy? Will they make a BCS game? Did coach Ault insult them this decade?

Well first we will start by answering our own question. WHO did WHAT? Nevada scored 67 points in 4 OT's on a team that thought it was invincible prior to that outing last year.

Now as far as to why are all these fine Idahoians losing their minds 5,6 days before the game with 6-4 Nevada up next?

Because they know what could happen.

Because many of them watched two Fridays ago as Nevada tore through Fresno in Fresno like a chainsaw through butter.

Because many of them thought there was NO POSSIBLE WAY that Nevada rip through the San Jose defense who had earned their respect just weeks early, only to learn that the Wolf Pack racked up 41 points and 333 yards on the ground.

And because many of them remember that October 14th night when what was supposed to be an easy route on the blue against an average Wolf Pack team starting a freshman quarterback on ESPN under the lights turned into a gut wrenching marathon of a game.

Oh many of them won't admit it. Many will hide their fears and mask their emotions behind false claims of an upcoming RUTS or gloating over past results. But they don't fool us. Donkey nation is worried. There is a lot of humble pie to be eaten if they don't win this Saturday. More than they can probably handle at one sitting. And the off season can be a long time when you're not in a BCS game.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Old Hat

Another 300+ rushing performance by the offense combined with another stout effort by the defensive front seven made for a 41-17 whooping of the San Jose State Spartans this past Saturday at Mackay Stadium.
San Jose's defense, which is one of the top defenses statistically, struggled all day to stop the read option, the draw, and the sweep as Nevada runners continuously gained large chunks of yardage behind the best offensive line in the league.
The union wore down and eventually began to manhandle the much ballyhooed San Jose defensive front. Nevada rushers pranced to the tune of 6.8 YPC. There also were no sacks allowed, the second straight contest in which the quarterback was kept upright all day.
On the defensive side of the ball Mundrae Clifton, Josh Mauga, and crew held the Spartans to a gaudy -23 yard rushing. They also collected a couple of sacks (Basped, Mauga) and a very nice NINE tackles for loss. And for the second week in a row the defense recovered a fumble (their third in two games), working on reversing a poor start to this season when they had only recovered two fumbles through the first 8 games.
Next up for the Wolf Pack is the much hated BSU Broncos. We will surely have more on this match up, including a possible bet in the works with a rival blog site, later on this week.
Until then, GO WOLF PACK!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Number One in the Nation

Who is that young man posing at Mackay for a fan photo? Why that's Vai Taua, the leading rusher for the NUMBER ONE RUSHING OFFENSE IN THE NATION! Oh yeah, and he's also the all time leading rusher in Bulldog Stadium history after last nights romp over the Fresno State Bulldogs on ESPN 2.

We are seriously liking some things about this years offense.

How about three times the Pack has had two players rush for over 100 yards in the same game. Two of those games, NSU and FSU, came after a bye week where Nevada was looking for a big win after a tough loss. Obviously Ault and company are taking advantage of the extra time to prepare.

How about no turnovers last night? You were wondering if this team was snake bitten after a couple of costly fumbles against NMSU or UH? Last night was a +4 outing for the boys. Of course you are going to have some fumbles when you run the ball as often as the Pack does but it's nice to see them protecting the football so well.

Did you know?.....Only two teams in the history of college football (1968 Houston and 1973 Arizona St) have rushed for 3000 yards in a season while passing for 2000 in that same year! The Pack currently sits at 2917 rushing and 1800 passing. With three games to go, it's safe to say that the Nevada Wolf Pack will become the third to do so.

Next up the Pack has key games against two of the best defenses in the WAC when the boys host San Jose St next Saturday followed by Boise State the following weekend.

Speaking of defense, ours looked much better last night. There were a couple of times we wanted to tear our hair out like the early crossing route for a TD. But overall the secondary played improved and was able to intercept a couple of passes. They also held Brandstater and Co to 260 yards passing, which is 70 yards below the 330 yards season average that the Pack had been allowing. The big men upfront didn't get the sacks they are used to, but they did hold FSU to 106 yards rushing, 90 yards below the Bulldogs 196 per game season average and the second lowest rushing total for the Dogs this season.

The only real concerns that PWtW had with the game last night was kick off coverage. The Bulldogs continued to start drives with excellent field position and even returned a kick late in the game to make it close and force the offense and defense to continue to have to come up with big plays to compensate. The other concern was the idiocy that took place at the end of the first half. We did see that Ault was trying to call for a time out and was ignored. How can the players be so clueless though? And we didn't really get the field goal at the end of the game either? When you are up by two scores, 2:30 left, and the ball is on the 1 yard line, why kick it? You're still only up by two scores and now you have to kick off to a team who just returned one. Why not go for it? If you score, you're up by 3 scores and it's over. If you don't score, you don't have to kick off to them, you're still up by two scores, and they have to go 99 yards with one time out to get the first one. Fortunately it all worked out right (well at least for the Wolf Pack and for everyone who took the under points, hehe).

Overall this was a great game. The team is back on the bowl game path. They showed well on national television. They protected the football and generated turn overs. They looked well prepared coming off the bye.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Ugly Side of Statistics

When looking at the matchup this week between our Wolf Pack and the Fresno State Raisins, a stat popped out at us that made us a little disgusted. As we dug further into other WAC teams stats, the disgust grew into a nausea. Here it goes........

When Scoring 40 or more points since 2001:

New Mexico St: 0 losses
Hawaii: 1 loss
Idaho: 1 loss
San Jose St: 1 loss
Fresno St: 2 losses
Utah St: 2 losses
Boise St: 2 losses
Louisana Tech: 3 losses

Nevada: 7 losses

That's right. In the last seven years we've managed to lose a game a year on average that we scored more than 40 points in. Over double what any other team in the WAC has done. In fact, over triple what any team other than LTU has done. This year it's happened once. Last year it happened twice. This appears to be a longer term problem than one would initially expect.

We believe that the team will score close to or over 40 points against the puppies this weekend. Time to start working on that turn over margin and get a couple of fumbles we think. Let's hold a team with a respectable offense to under 20 this time.