Thursday, November 20, 2008

OBNUG, PWtW Go Toe to Toe

Ladies and Gentlemen (and people from Idaho), are you ready to rumble? We'll just call this the under card to the main event this Saturday.

Kevan Lee over at OBNUG (that's One Bronco Nation Under God) has done a nice job of answering our questions about this weekends game among other things. We've also agreed to a little bet (hey, we are Nevada after all). The deal is this: Straight up on the game, winner gets to submit a post to the losers site. Wolf Pack fans, please submit ideas for the post we will be putting on OBNUG's site to

As for the interview (be warned, this is some serious spin factor):

PWtW: After last years shoot-out, what is the one thing that has changed most significantly about Boise's team from last year that leads you to believe this years contest will not turn into another shoot-out?

OBNUG: Tackling. At least, I sure hope tackling has changed.

The Bronco defense is an entirely different beast than it was last year, and that has been evident since Week Two or so. There are so many things that 2008 Boise State does better than 2007 Boise State, including the fact that they have not had to go to four overtimes with anyone yet.

Tackling should help most on Saturday against Nevada, but there are a number of new variables that could make a difference, too. BSU's defensive line has been integral to stopping spread option attacks this season. They're good. The three-safety alignment has also been a big part of shutting down the spread. The addition of Ellis Powers as a linebacker/safety hybrid has been revolutionary, like the Pop-Tart. Mmm, Pop-Tarts.

PWtW: Ian Johnson's numbers have declined since the big Fiesta Bowl win. What has contributed to that mostly? How do you see him in this years NFL draft?

OBNUG: The answer that I am choosing to give for this question is that Johnson's productivity has decreased due to the depth at running back, a new offensive philosophy, and his team-first attitude. There are a lot of really good backs at Boise State, and the coaches can't help but get them on the field. The offense, too, has been different than in year's past since the O-line can't really run block with consistency. Johnson needs big holes and running start. He's getting neither.

That isn't to say that he is any less valuable to the team. In fact, he is more valuable than ever, filling roles and providing leadership. For that reason alone, I think he is worth a look by an NFL team. But at this point, I don't see him being drafted until the later rounds, if at all. A good combine could help. Maybe.

One more thing, and keep in mind that I have never told anyone this before, so you must be special, Packfan. I think Ian Johnson has lost a step. I would prefer not to elaborate.

PWtW: Boise appears to be very well balanced this year. Do you continue with that Saturday or do you abandon the run early if it's not producing? (We are assuming you will be able to pass on our defense with some success).

OBNUG: Boise State will abandon the run as soon as it is at all feasibly possible to do so. Throughout the season, the Broncos have found in several games that the run simply is not working, and they are perfectly content to abandon it and win with the pass.

I think we'll see a Boise State offense that comes out throwing to set up the run. Kellen Moore can get the ball out quickly, which should neutralize the Pack's pass rush. Then, once the defensive ends are pinning their ears back on the rush, BSU will hit back with some draws and inside running plays.

If not, then I will be submitting my resume to BSU for the offensive coordinator position on Monday.

PWtW: There has been a lot of talk about what sort of an impact Jeron Johnson is going to have in this game. What about him makes him so important to the BSU defense?

OBNUG: Johnson sets the tone of the Boise State defense with his attitude, and he is a solid, disciplined safety. Now, when I say disciplined, I do not mean that he doesn't get unnecessary roughness penalties. He does. By disciplined, I mean that he is always in the right position at the right time, which was probably a big reason for Kaepernick and Lippincott's big day last year.

PWtW: What is it about head coach Chris Ault that you respect the most? The least?

OBNUG: I respect the fact that he can be called "Little General" without developing serious self-esteem issues. I couldn't do it.

I really don't respect his gimmicky Pistol offense. Why line up three yards off the ball? Is it really going to help a 6'5" quarterback read the defense better? Also, Ault comes across as cheeky. Whatever that means.

PWtW: How hard will it be to see our post on your site should the Bronco's fall at Mackay this weekend?

Not hard at all, assuming you know to look at the bottom of our March 2008 archive page.

True or False:
PWtW: You've watched the Fiesta Bowl on dvd or dvr at some time since this season began.
OBNUG: Do you mean one time or multiple times? Ah, it's true either way.

PWtW: You are wearing orange and blue while answering this.
OBNUG: False. I am wearing my wife's pink Jared Zabransky jersey.

PWtW: You used a four letter word during the first half of last weeks Idaho game.
OBNUG: True. "Nuts."

PWtW: You thought Fresno St would be your biggest WAC game this year.
OBNUG: False. How dare you assume that I would buy into that preseason hype. I thought it would be LaTech.

PWtW: It makes you nervous that Nevada has as much young talent starting as Boise does.
OBNUG: False. Nevada does not have as much young talent starting as Boise State does. I refuse to acknowledge this.

PWtW: You've referred to the "Q" as "Pistol" when the Broncos were using it in practice at least once.
OBNUG: True, and with disdain, might I add.

PWtW: Chris Peterson will leave for a BCS school before Kellen Moore graduates.
OBNUG: True. Let's move on.

PWtW: You enjoy seeing Colorado struggle.
OBNUG: So true that I considered moving to Boulder so that I would get the local broadcasts of their game.

PWtW: Boise State will be in the MWC before Kellen Moore graduates.
OBNUG: True. Unless he graduates this summer. In that case, false.

So there you have it folks. A BSU fans inner most secrets and feelings. You can visit OBNUG at Hopefully you will go over there and talk a bunch of trash during the next 48 hours. That would be great. Also, you should be able to find our Q&A session that we were so kind to answer for the guys over there. Hopefully they didn't butcher it too badly. (Edit, you can read it here: They really run a great site with a lot of good pictures and updates so enjoy your time over there.


Patrick H said...

Took a look. Didn't see the Q&A. I enjoyed this one though.

Packfan7 said...

I linked the Q&A for the readers. You like the pic?

Paige said...

Ha Ha! Funny pic! Unfortunately you got the heads confused. Chris Peterson is Superman.

Patrick H said...

The picture is fantastic. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

Reno, thank you for showing us a good time. I had a wonderful evening at the game and many of your mothers are fairly good kissers.

Patrick H said...

Dude, those weren't mothers, that was a cattle truck at a stop light. Being from Boise I'd see how you made the mistake.