Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did Someone Step on the Boise Ant Hill This Week?

Here is a picture that BSU fans should be used to. We're sure they will be seeing a few of these on Saturday.

BTW, WHO did WHAT to get BSU fans so stirred up this week? In case you don't read or ODNUG or Fight Fight TDU, then you are missing out on a hurricane of emotion and confusion. Do they respect the Pack? Do they disrespect the Pack? Do they stop Colin Kaepernick? Do they injure Colin Kaepernick? Why are they only a 6 point favorite? Who has Nevada played? Who has BSU played? Who is Taua? Where is that Lippincott guy? Will they make a BCS game? Did coach Ault insult them this decade?

Well first we will start by answering our own question. WHO did WHAT? Nevada scored 67 points in 4 OT's on a team that thought it was invincible prior to that outing last year.

Now as far as to why are all these fine Idahoians losing their minds 5,6 days before the game with 6-4 Nevada up next?

Because they know what could happen.

Because many of them watched two Fridays ago as Nevada tore through Fresno in Fresno like a chainsaw through butter.

Because many of them thought there was NO POSSIBLE WAY that Nevada rip through the San Jose defense who had earned their respect just weeks early, only to learn that the Wolf Pack racked up 41 points and 333 yards on the ground.

And because many of them remember that October 14th night when what was supposed to be an easy route on the blue against an average Wolf Pack team starting a freshman quarterback on ESPN under the lights turned into a gut wrenching marathon of a game.

Oh many of them won't admit it. Many will hide their fears and mask their emotions behind false claims of an upcoming RUTS or gloating over past results. But they don't fool us. Donkey nation is worried. There is a lot of humble pie to be eaten if they don't win this Saturday. More than they can probably handle at one sitting. And the off season can be a long time when you're not in a BCS game.


Anonymous said...

Why is the other dude feeling up Crapperneck?

Patrick H said...

Good one Mark R! The blogger writes a post and the first comment is from a Boise fan and validates it.

Bronco Nation said...

This blog is about as quality a team as the bitchpack. Also, Lickincock will be missed. It would be great to injure both he AND crapperneck in one game....

Patrick H said...

Hilarious Bronco Nation! Vulgarity, loathing, disdain, insults and a psychotic longing for the serious injury of two young men that have never done one thing to deserve it. Plus fancy wordplay using names! A prime example of Boise bonhomie. Way to represent and show us what Boise fans are all about.

Jeremy said...

It's none of those things you mentioned really. No BSU fan has forgot what Kaepernick did last year, so that does tend to make us a bit nervous.
This whole thing stems from the local Boise media not giving BSU a chance in this game. It's a bit confusing.

Like I said, everyone remembers last years game, but this is two different teams this year.

GOD said...

Hmmm, Bronco Nation... Even though you guys will beat up on a surprised Nevada on Saturday (I won't be surprised, since I am God), Thou shalt not use creativity on another's name unless it doesn't offend the ego of another other person.

Paige said...

This article is very true. Unfortunately. I wish our local media would get with the program and admit that the Broncos with win this one. Plain and simple. This isn't the Oregon Ducks in Autzen Stadium. This is Nevada, and half the fans will be in Blue and Orange.

Patrick H said...

I'm in no way offended by Bronco Nation. The only people that should be offended by that post are Boise fans. That so many of you are not offended and even rejoice in such commentary says very much about you. The word play with names isn't offensive. It's just vulger. Sure Beavis and Butthead would find it hilarious.

Beavis: "He said cock. Huh-huh,huh-huh."

Butthead: "And Crap! Heh-heh...heh-heh!"

But people laugh AT beavis and butthead, not with them. Well, accept those that were being parodied and didn't get it.

Get it?

Paige said...

All fan bases have their jerks. It's best to ignore them, and hope they go away.