Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Ugly Side of Statistics

When looking at the matchup this week between our Wolf Pack and the Fresno State Raisins, a stat popped out at us that made us a little disgusted. As we dug further into other WAC teams stats, the disgust grew into a nausea. Here it goes........

When Scoring 40 or more points since 2001:

New Mexico St: 0 losses
Hawaii: 1 loss
Idaho: 1 loss
San Jose St: 1 loss
Fresno St: 2 losses
Utah St: 2 losses
Boise St: 2 losses
Louisana Tech: 3 losses

Nevada: 7 losses

That's right. In the last seven years we've managed to lose a game a year on average that we scored more than 40 points in. Over double what any other team in the WAC has done. In fact, over triple what any team other than LTU has done. This year it's happened once. Last year it happened twice. This appears to be a longer term problem than one would initially expect.

We believe that the team will score close to or over 40 points against the puppies this weekend. Time to start working on that turn over margin and get a couple of fumbles we think. Let's hold a team with a respectable offense to under 20 this time.


Patrick H said...

Nice find, but that's depressing. I'd be more interested in how many of those games were since Coach Ault returned.

Patrick H said...

I ran down my own answer. In the 2 years under Ault with DeRuyter as DC, the Pack never lost a game when scoring over 40. Last year under Wilson it happened twice (the big comeback after Fresno and the OT loss to Boise) and this year only to NMSU. God, how we miss DeRuyter.

Packfan7 said...

Perhaps Burton will get things on track with a little more time. The rush defense is greatly improved over last year. Sacks are up and turn overs are up.