Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

A lot of sites are going with the Halloween theme. And why should PWtW overlook Oct 31st? Hell, we would gladly sell our souls to the devil if it meant a 4-0 finish and a bowl win.

Let's compare some WAC teams to some of our favorite (and not so favorite) Halloween movies:

Nevada Wolf Pack: Halloween

Not only our favorite, but also Michael Myers is bad ass (just like the Wolf Pack) and he keeps getting knocked down but keeps getting right back up (again just like the Pack, and it's fans too). Last year Boise must have felt like Laurie Strode the way Nevada kept coming back and coming back. This year it's time for little sister to go down for good.

Fresno State Bulldogs: Hellraiser

Fresno State is just like the cenobites of Hellraiser in so many ways. Demons to some (BCS opponents) Angels to others (WAC opponents). The cenobites bring the greatest pleasures and pains to their victims (just like the Bulldogs bring to their fans). The tag line is "He'll tear your soul apart" and we aren't sure if they're talking about the kicker or the quarterback or the rush defense when it comes to FSU. Note that we would have opted for attack of the killer Walrus Man in honor of Pat Hill, but no such movie exists that we could find.

San Jose State Spartans: Dead Silence

An old witch controlling some evil dummies? Sounds like the Spartans to us! And the thing is that as bad as it sounds, like the movie, the Spartans actually are not that bad. We still can't believe we blew that first half lead last year.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs: Swamp Thing

Do we really need to say anything more?

Boise State Broncos: Killer Clowns From Outerspace

What can we say? A group that seems like such a joke (blue and orange donkey as a mascot with blue grass planted in the middle of a potato field) yet somehow manage to withstand the test of time as a cult classic. Using silly means of weaponry like man eating popcorn and cotton candy cocoons, the killer clowns are just like BSU using silly trick plays like the fake field goal last year and the statue of liberty in the Fiesta Bowl to thwart their opponents time and time again. We think 2008 is as good a year as any to send these clowns back to the circus where they belong.

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