Monday, October 27, 2008

Missing Defensive Players Impact Game

Josh Mauga, the senior captain of the defense was not in action Saturday night against Hawaii. Neither was Mike Bethea, the linebacker who has had a knack for being around the ball this year. And sometimes starter Ryan Coulson who changes in and out with Kevin Basped on the defensive front was also not present during the game.

Although the bulk of the problems were in the secondary, missing the two linebackers and the guy who spells our speed pass rusher were big against a team who threw the ball short time and time again.

We don't exactly remember seeing any press about these players being gone, but it must be the injury bug biting the Wolf Pack mid season. And the bug is biting the unit that can least afford to be bitten.

Maybe a bye week couldn't come at a better time for this unit. After the last one, the boys smashed the uglies down south. Lets hope they smash the other red uglies down south (and slightly to the west) after this one.

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