Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just Plain Sad

What else is there to say? On a night that the Pack was finally back in Mackay for the first time in 30+ days, the Nevada Wolf Pack would score 45 points and lose! 49 would have been enough for a win and it's sad to think that is what it would take against a team like New Mexico State. No offense Raggies (that's short for Red Aggies), but you aren't Boise St or Fresno and we expect that if we have to score big to win a game it would be against one of them.

Early on there were some stupid penalties that prevented the Pack from potentially pulling away. And there were big plays that kept New Mexico in the game. Later on there were some stupid turn overs that prevented the Pack from gaining control of the lead. And there were more big plays and specifically big third down conversions that lead to the Aggies taking the lead and not letting go of it.

Now the Pack will have to put this game behind them and focus on the Baggies (and that's short of Blue Aggies) coming into Reno next weekend. Nevada should be in a better position for this game as Utah St doesn't have the type of passing attack that New Mexico had.

It's not to late to turn this around. A 9-3 season and a WAC championship would be a very nice season.

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