Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trouble in Paradise

What trouble you ask?

1. Is it Nevada's pass defense?

2. Is it Colin Kaepernick's mental state?

3. Is it Hawaii's QB situation?

4. Is it the trouble we are going to get into at a luau Friday night?

Well we are pretty sure that number two isn't a problem, number one is a little bit of a problem, and number three is only a problem if you are not a Wolf Pack fan. Number four could be a serious problem if jail time interferes with kickoff......

No the problem is that the last time the Wolf Pack won on the island was the last time they won a bowl game (see picture) and was not against the Rainbows.

It's time for a change. Last year at Mackay the Rainbows were undefeated late in the season and the Wolf Pack missed out on a golden opportunity. There were turnovers, poor play, poor clock management, poor all around decisions, and yet the Pack lost on a last second field goal. This year the Rainbows have lost all of their major offensive firepower. The defense has played solid at times, but the offense has played inconsistently (and not Nevada 40+ points a game inconsistent). The Rainbows came up with a big win over Fresno State (a big deal considering Fresno State is the best offense in the WAC with Touchdown Tommy and the best running back, Ryan Mathews, in their backfield.....how's that working for you? Oh, what? Nevada has TWO players ahead of Mathews in rushing yards, yards per carry, and touchdowns 7 games into the season and a QB with a higher rating, more yards passing, less picks, etc. Throw the ball over that mountain Uncle Rico)

Alright then, enough rant on Fresno's preseason arrogance.

The Rainbows may change QB this week, they aren't sure. Coach Greg McLovin talked about how Greg Alexander wasn't as mobile as Inoke Funaki so he would probably see some time. What? Oh yeah, that's right he's not as mobile so he must be a better passer. We like our chances.

Prediction: Nevada 41 Rainbows 17

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