Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Best Week Ever

So...some week, huh?

I won't bother asking you what you think of the big news that came out of this week. Because I know we're in all-but-universal agreement of its level of shear spine-melting, ear-splitting, brain-blasting, totally made up and needlessly hyphenated adjective-creating, arm, leg AND chest hair-raising awesomeness. I'm talking (of course) about the triumphant return of Pistol Whipping the WAC.

I know, I know, and before you swoon while saying "I don't believe it!" let me assure you that neither can I. Which is really saying something, seeing as how I'm the one delivering you this news. But Packfan7 and I have finally decided to crawl out of our self-imposed (OK, Hawaii Bowl-imposed) exiles to bring you more of whatever it is that we do best. Honest. No bull. We promise.

Oh, and we'll probably break down and analyze this whole Mountain West thing at some point, too. You know, since so many people are talking about it and all.

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