Friday, September 24, 2010

A New Leader This Saturday?

(Former Nevada Wolf Pack QB David Neill has held the title as the All Time Offensive Leader at Nevada since the 2001 Season)

(Current Nevada Wolf Pack QB Colin Kaepernick needs just 67 yards to become the new All Time Offensive Leader at Nevada)

It would probably be hard for most people to imagine back in the late 90's and early 2000's that David Neill's Total Offense record would be broken by a QB with over 3,000 less passing yards.  Maybe hard isn't the word.  Maybe impossible would better fit that statement.

Yet here we find ourselves almost 10 years later with one of the top rushing offenses in the country, in fact THE top last year, and with current starting QB Colin Kaepernick needing just 67 yards of offense to pass Neill's record.  (Something he will likely do in the first half, if not the first quarter of play this Saturday at Edwards Stadium in Provo Utah.)

So do yourself a favor tomorrow.  Watch the game and enjoy it.  Appreciate the past and remember back to those days of the Big West and players like David and Chance and the boys you all loved to watch so much.  And then appreciate where the team is now, playing in the WAC with kids like Colin, Vai, and Dontay.  And then spoil yourself a little and realize that the MWC and a whole new crop of players will be coming through in the years to come

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