Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Invitation Day!

Exactly one year ago today, Nevada accepted an invitation to join the Mountain West Conference. Although it wasn't under the circumstances most of us would've preferred -- particularly with the debt we owe to BYU's departure and the cloud of chaos that surrounded it -- and the country once again finds itself on the brink of more seismic realignments as of this week, we're still pretty darn lucky to be where we are all the same. If nothing else, we can thank the college sports gods we'll never have to fly to Ruston, Louisiana again.

Be sure to read these next paragraphs out loud to your friends in your best Moses voice:

Let me declare that every August 18th should henceforth be known as Invitation Day, and ask that many libations be consumed on those occasions. And when the official move happens on July 1st of next year, we will celebrate Mountain West Day, where many more libations shall be consumed, songs of triumph will be sung and cruel jokes will be cracked at the WAC's expense. If Repeal Day can have its own holiday movement, there is no excuse. So says Pack Backer, the wise and devastatingly handsome blogger.

Now we shall sit back and watch these year-in-review Youtube clips, which are not at all an attempt to relieve Pack Backer of his usual blogging responsibilities.

The day when the invitation came down, and the ensuing reaction from Nevada fans.

Our advice to the remaining WAC members at the time.

The general preseason prognosis on the football team's potential.

The team's Top 25 appearance after the Cal, BYU and UNLV wins.

Immediately following the Hawai'i loss.

After the basketball team's 1-7 start.

A settlement is reached for the WAC's exit fee.

The feeling among fans after the first half of the Boise State game.

The speech that was probably given to the Wolf Pack players at halftime.

Coach Ault watching from the sidelines as his players began their comeback.

My reaction to Titus Young's 4th quarter catch.

The missed field goals, overtime and celebration immediately following the game.

The magnificent times we all had at the bowl game.

Utah State's rumored "done deal" invitation to the Mountain West.

A summary of the entire basketball season.

The baseball team continues to struggle.

The public's reaction immediately following the introduction of the new Mountain West logo.

The entire realignment situation across the country summed up in one sentence.


greekpadre said...

This is a fantastic post. And as a BSU alum/fan, the whole BSU-Nevada game was entertaining to read about. Keep up what you're doing on the site, and hopefully you guys will have an SBNation site for the beginning of the season next year!


Pack Backer said...

Thanks for the reply! I sent my request to SBN a while back and still haven't heard from them.

Thanks for your work on the uniform entries as well.