Friday, August 21, 2009

Nevada Wolf Pack Media Snowball

Wow. That's all we can say. The Pack love is snowballing and the snowball keeps getting bigger and bigger.

We know the season is just two weeks away, but this is really nice for a change. Nevada Wolf Pack football is getting as much media love as we can remember for some time. It started with a picture on the front page of the sports section of USA Today a couple of days ago (which was followed by a larger picture and article on the inside). Then there was a second article in USA today the following day.

Regis Philbin mentioned the Pack (because he's a big Notre Homer) on his show Live with Regis and Kelly this week.

ESPN has been getting in on the action too.

Bruce Feldman, senior writer for ESPN the magazine has been pumping up the Pack and our man Colin Kaepernick. A couple of weeks ago they had a little segment on CFL when talking about Notre Dame that showed some Nevada highlights and was titled "Pack of trouble?" in reference for to the trouble ND may be finding themselves in on Sept 5th.

Mel Kiper Jr rated Kaep in his top 5 Junior QB's this week.

And now today, Ivan Maisel puts this little blurb out on his 3 Point Stance write-up: 3 Point Stance

It sure is a fun time to be a fan of Wolf Pack football!

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