Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Impenetrable Wall

(We suspect big John Bender can dunk with the best of them)

Wolf Pack fans, we know you love obscure stats.  And we know you love your local 7862677579 union of football workers.

So how's this one for you:

There is only ONE starting QB in D1 college football who has played in all his games and has not been sacked.  That is our very own Colin Kaepernick.  And the men who have protected Kaep; Jeff Nady, John Bender, Jeff Meads, Chris Barker, and Jose Acuna (and before his injury, Steve Haley) are the boss ballers that make that sort of a statistic worth pimping on this wonderful blog we run.  TE's, we haven't forgotten about you.  But you get to catch a ball once in awhile so we're giving the big boys this one all alone.

Lets raise a glass to the men who make it happen.  They don't get a mural in the hall of fame.  They don't get hoisted on fans shoulders after a big win.  They don't even get asked about the weather.  But what they do get is the self satisfaction of knowing that they destroyed an opposing defense for 60 minutes every Saturday.

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Pack Backer said...

As of this week, they've also only allowed 16 tackles for loss through their first six games -- tied for second in the country with Boise State.

Unionize, Pack fans!