Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You see, the thing is...

"Whew! I just flew in from parts elsewhere and boy are my arms tired! OK, that was bad, but I swear I really was tied up with other stuff! I had this thing I had to do with some people I know. One thing led to another, things got weird and I had to stay longer than I thought. But I swear I was going to get around to it at some point! I wanted to! I really did, but you know how things are. I honestly forgot. You know what? It's not you -- it's me. Wait, why are you looking at me like that? I'm not bullshitting you, what're you talking about? Don't go! Please!"
~Pack Backer. Just now.

Alright, I know have some questions to answer, starting with where in the blue hell I've been the last week and a half. The truth is that I've been pretty much everywhere except at my computer typing away for you folks, but not because of super-ultra-extremely important other things -- it was my choice. I hid myself away after a disappointing loss, going "off the grid" and childishly avoiding anything that would even remind me of that horrible night. Even if it did have its benefits as far as political phone calls are concerned, my responsibility ultimately remains to this blog.

"You take this stuff WAY too seriously" I can hear some of you say. And you're absolutely right. Not just because if Nevada were worse off and had a harder time winning games, nothing would ever get done around here. Like many of us, I got caught up in the suddenly raised expectations the first six games brought to the community and the program -- the difference is that I let one game cloud my judgment to what's already been done this year. Hawai'i will finish above .500 and go to their bowl game, and while the teams Nevada has beaten thus far aren't giving their strength of schedule much help right now, those are the same teams Nevada would've found a way to lose to last year. 2010 is still looking like a pretty darn good year, one agonizingly frustrating loss aside.

Additionally, I have to remain at least a little detached for the sake of my work, because it isn't right to just disappear whenever the team loses. Those coaches and players don't pack it in and give up after a loss (at least, I hope they don't...), and if I'm to be the best blogger I can be, neither should I.

So yeah, I messed up, I suck, mea culpa and all of that. What does the rest of the season hold for This Space? Aside from your usual weekly previews, I'd like to do an in-depth series of entries on the Mountain West and what Nevada football can expect after the pending move. But what I'm really looking forward to at the more present time is my road trip to Moscow, Idaho for the game against the Vandals on November 6th. You can expect pictures, a full road trip report and maybe (that word being key) a little something else if you're a premium subscriber on silverandbluesports.com.

If you lost faith in any semblance of timeliness this blog had before last week, I can't blame you. If you're still unconvinced I'm here to stay, I understand, but urge you to keep coming back for what we have in store. If you think I'm just stalling for time when I could be working on my Utah State preview, quit being such a smart-ass.

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