Monday, December 20, 2010

Kaepernick's Career Rushing TD's vs. Newton, Tebow, and Crouch

After reading a recent post at on the difference between Colin Kaepernick's rushing TD's and a few other notable dual threat QB's, we decided to break it down here for you and add in the man Kaepernick is currently tied with for most in NCAA history:  Eric Crouch.

When looking at how each player obtained their rushing TD's, we use percentages instead of totals to illustrate just how dominating Kaepernick was as a dual threat while also being a great team player and not a favored player in the Pistol Offense.

The first thing to look at is just how many of each QB's rushing TD's came from the one yard line.

Kaepernick:  6 of his 59 TD's.  That's just 10.1%
Crouch:  15 of his 59 TD's.  25.4%.  Just over a quarter of them.
Tebow:  18 of his 57 TD's.  31.6%.  More than Crouch, less than Newton.
Newton:  7 of his 21 TD's.  33.33%.  One third of his TD's.

The next thing to check out is how many came from inside the 5 yard line.

Kaepernick:  12 of his 59 TD's.  Just 20.2%  Still less than a quarter of them!
Crouch:  27 of his 59 TD's.  Less than half at 45.8%
Newton:  12 of his 21 TD's.  More than half at 57.1%
Tebow:  38 of his 57 TD's.  That's 66.6% of his total TD's, or 2/3rds of all TD's scored.

Ok, so let's look at the longer distances.  From the 10 yard line or beyond:

Kaepernick:  34 of his 59 TD's.  57.6% of all his TD's were from at least 10 yards!
Crouch:  21 of his 59TD's.  35.6%, over 1/3rd of his TD's.
Newton:  5 of his 21 TD's.  23.8%, just under one quarter of his TD's were from the 10 or beyond.
Tebow:  10 of his 57 TD's.  Just 17.5% of his TD's were from a distance of 10 or greater.

Just for fun, we decided to look at how many other scores came from the 1 yard line for Nevada this season vs. Auburn this season:

Auburn as a team had a total of 6 TD's from the 1 yard line.  All 6 were by Cam Newton.
Nevada as a team had a total of 12 TD's from the 1 yard line.  Only 4 of those were by Colin Kaepernick. 
(The others?  Five for Taua, two for Randall, and one for Mark.)

What if Ault called Kaep's number every time.  Or if Kaep audibled or kept on reads every time?  Would Kaep now have 28 rushing TD's on the season and 67 for his career?  Even if he only scored on half of them he would have 24 and 63.  Would it have made a difference for any post season award?

That's the difference with Colin Kaepernick.  You won't find a better team player out there.  There are very few who have played the game as well and gotten as little attention for doing so as CK.


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The Septic Tank Blog said...

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