Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Preview Opponent....Funlv

Where should I start with this preview?

Well, for one, it's the big rivalry. No need to mention that. We currently lead 18-15. Last three years we've been bowling. Last three years they've been blowing (actually last four years they've managed a whole TWO in the win column). And coach Ault hates their guts and hates red because of that school in particular (we tend to hate red because of icky felony state as well).

For the past three seasons we've painted the cannon blue, including a 31-3 stomping of the webels on their home turf in 2006. This season looks to be no different.

While the Wolf Pack is predicted to be a viable contender for a WAC championship as well as a bowl team for the fourth year in a row, the webels are hoping to double the total in the win column to four.

Let's take a look at what the kids from down south have returning to them this year.

1. Coach Mike Sanford (the Wolf Pack's best ally) is returning with his 6-29 record to try one more time to put some points on the board.

2. 9 returning starters on the offense including senior RB Frank Summers and all the WR's means there should be no excuses for this group to not move the ball.

3. 5 returning starters on defense means the excuses will be plenty if this group can't get stops early in the year.

The biggest problem for the red devils is that they don't have a legit trigger man. Where as we have two - three guys who can step on the field and move the ball and make plays, they have a couple of middle of the road guys who run streaky and are just as likely to throw a pick as they are a touchdown.

The next biggest problem (and it could be as big or worse) is that the run defense is in bad shape and looks to be again this year. The defense overall lacks size and struggles with strong running games. Something the Wolf Pack was more than adequate with last season. And remember, the webels didn't face Kaepernick running the ball, they got the lesser of two evils on the ground when Graziano was on the field. In 2006, a freshman named Brandon Fragger romped at Sam Boyd stadium for 146 yards on 19 carries and added a couple of scores. What Fragger did two years ago on the ground and what Graziano did last year in the air has us here at PWtW excited to see which Wolf Pack player will take their turn feasting at the dead carcass that is the Funlv defense.

PWtW prediction for 2008 at LV: 42-9 Nevada
**Now I now that this is a fairly short preview for the team that is our biggest rival. I'll have plenty more to write about them later on. For now just a little teaser to wet the appetite is all.

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