Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Athlon Sports Nation Mag

Hmmmm, this is very odd.

It was reported that Boise St QB Kellen Moore was featured on the cover of the national publication. In fact, a "take that" was directed towards our program.

Then this weekend I walked into a Borders Bookstore and picked up a copy of Athlon's mag. It said "National Addition" This Borders was located on the West Coast. And on the cover was Tim Teebow, Sam Bradford, and Joe McKnight.

On the inside there is a section that reviews the WAC in a quick snapshot at the front of the magazine. And guess who was the pictured player? Let's just say the #1 QB in the conference and leave it at that.

So while some small handful of people will pick up a copy of Athlon's book with Kellen Moore on the front, everyone in the world who picks up a copy and scans the 411 on each conference will see silver and blue looking back at them from the WAC.

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