Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lisa Hooks Us Up Again

From Fox Sports; Straight Talk From the Left Coast

"Coming soon to you...a collection of giant heads ready to explode from the enormous strain of trying to do the right or wrong thing. It's not that they're bad's just that their attempts to have things go their way have caused cranial pressure that's equivalent to a giant vise on a balloon. Something's got to give.

Head No. 8....Charlie Weis'
If Weis had trouble with San Diego State last year, wait until he gets a load of Nevada this year. In fact, don't be shocked if Nevada is favored due to their powerful running game and super-stud quarterback Colin Kaepernick.. If they are the favorites, Weis may wish that the fans will just throw snowballs at him in November. In the meantime, Weis' head is about to explode from all the enormous pressure-filled games he has. Like Nevada, Washington, Washington State, Navy, Pitt, UConn and Stanford. Sssssst.....boooooooom.....bah!"


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