Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lisa Horne, Our New Favorite Femme Sports Writer

Sorry Graham Watson. After you dissed Colin Kaepernick on your ESPN blog, stating that you didn't agree with co-worker Bruce Feldman's choice of Kaepernick being a Heisman worthy player, you were already in our dog house.

Now today we read Lisa's column from Fox Sports. And in it she lists her choices for the top 5 most under-rated QB's in the country. Take a look at who's #1.

"#1 Colin Kaepernick Nevada

Don't laugh- this 6'6" kid was named WAC Freshman of the Year (2007) and almost pulled off an upset of the Boise State Broncos in what would become the highest scoring game in NCAA history. Colin was also the fifth ranked quarterback (passing efficiency) in the country behind Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Dennis Dixon and Colt Brennan.

But there's more- he's the only NCAA QB in 2008 to pass for 2,500 or more yards and rush for 1,000 or more yards, was named WAC Offensive Player of the Year (Marshall Faulk is the only other sophomore to win this award), and was named MVP of the Humanitarian Bowl. The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are going to find out just how good Kaepernick is when they play Nevada in their home opener. (Advice: take Nevada and the points)"

The dictionary describes under-rated as being: to rate or evaluate to low; undervalued. You might want to write that down Graham Watson.


The added cherry-on-top bonus is the little bolded bit of advice she gives to readers regarding the Sept 5th match-up with Notre Dame.

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wickedarm said...

Gotta agree, Lisa in, Graham out!!!! I think she is a paying member to the OBU whatever on the Boise site.