Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cause If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Oh yeah baby.  One of the smack talkinest fan bases in the WAC saw their team go down HARD this weekend at the hands of the #1 rushing offense in the country as the Wolf Pack exerted their dominance over the Fresno State Bulldogs by a score of 52-14 in front of a good crowd at Mackay Stadium.

The win takes the Pack to 7-3 on the season and 6-0 in the WAC.  Next up is a little payback trip to the New Mexico St Aggies.  A game that is being shown on ESPNU at 7:30 pacific time next Saturday.

Now, next weeks game is great and all, but we aren't finished with rubbing a little salt in the wound of our other red wearing friends from the south.

Yeah, we heard it all this week.  Won't be able to stop Mathews.  Gonna find which team in the WAC really knows how to run the ball.  Hands down Fresno is better than Nevada, etc, etc, etc.  You remember last year we did a story comparing the Bulldogs of Fresno to Uncle Rico?  Listening to their fan base you would think they could throw the ball over a mountain.  Or at least run all over Nevada while stopping the Pack rush attack.

Let us tell you something boys and girls:  Before Mathews got hurt, Mathews was getting STUFFED.  He had one memorable carry for 20 yards on Fresno's second drive.  Subtract that and his remaining 7 carries netted him 12 yards.  In fact, checking the play-by-play, he had 3 carries of -1 yard each.  But that's right.......Nevada only has a good run defense because they haven't played anybody.  Their stats are inflated.  They aren't that good......We hope Ryan Mathews is ok.  That was a nasty collision with safety Jonathon Amaya.  We just wish he could have finished the game so his 100 yards rushing streak could have been broken without the excuse of the injury.  At the 4ypc he was averaging before the injury, he would have had to carry 17 more times with his team being behind 10 points at the time he left the game.

You want to keep talking ooc games?  Who cares.  0-3 vs. 0-3. 

So you played Wisconsin in Wisconsin to a 34-31 game.  And Cincinatti in Cincinatti to an 8 point game.  You played Nevada to a 52-14 whipping in Reno is what you did there.  Who cares if Nevada got drubbed in week 1 at South Bend.  Like that really has anything to do with Nevada in Reno in week 11.  Get over yourselves already.  La Tech played LSU to a 24-16 score tonight in one of, if not the toughest stadium to play in in college football.  La Tech is 3-7.  It means NOTHING!  We're sick and tired of the whole, "boo-hoo, Nevada embarassed the WAC in ooc.  We hate you because you make our conference look bad."  Oh yeah?  Well guess what....We hate you because you melt down in our conference every year and never live up to the self made hype you project all season.  Or maybe we love that about you.  We aren't sure yet.

And as for ourselves.  Well it looked to us like you knew what was coming and you were powerless to stop it.  Lippincott had 14.9 per carry and a buck fifty.  Taua at 10.5 per and a buck seventy five.  Kaepernick chipped in 95 and, well, we guess you could say you were mildly successful in that you held him to 7.9 per which is actually below his NCAA leading 8.3 per.  We didn't even have to wear you down.  We were getting playstation numbers on the ground during the first quarter.

BTW, since we return most everyone as does Boise St next year.....and with Idaho getting better and Utah St and La Tech being young, well coached programs.....enjoy your stay at "middle of the WAC team" for the next couple of seasons.

We'll stop there.  It's pretty harsh but that's what happens when you run off at the mouth all season.  It gets slapped.  All those Fresno fans walking around Reno this weekend who would stop and bark at fans wearing the silver and blue all the sudden got real quiet Saturday afternoon.  Just like we like em.

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Patrick H said...

You're right. They new what was coming and they were entirely unable to stop it, or even slow it down. In a post game interview one of Fresno's defensive players said, "They did everything we thought they'd do. We just couldn't stop them. We had a good game plan."

Last season after Nevada thrashed Fresno, Pat Hill said our offense was simple, but we execute it to perfection. As I wrote on the Nevada board, Fresno has great running backs, we have a great scheme. The scheme wins hands down. And our backs are damn good too.

Also, Pat Hill contemplated going to the pistol offense during the off season. I'm thinking he might be considering it again.