Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guest Poster Get's in the Mix

And recaps the beatdown of San Jose that was doled out on Sunday.

An Introduction, and a Road Trip Report from San Jose

Before I begin, an introduction is in order. I am a recent Nevada graduate, a current season ticket-holder for Wolf Pack football and men’s basketball, and an aspiring blogger who has (perhaps foolishly) decided to apply for work in this monkey organization Packfan7 is running. In addition to attending as many home games as I can manage, I’ve traveled all over this great land of ours to watch the Pack play. Seattle , San Jose , Stockton , Fresno , Las Vegas , Boise , Logan , Chicago and South Bend have all bared witness to my borderline clinical obsession with the Pack, and I vow to add even more locales to that list in the coming years.

I’m looking forward to my future contributions, and to dialoging with any and every reader who happens across this blog. Packfan7 has granted me the ability to blog about basically whatever I want regarding the Pack – a decision he will come to regret.

With that throat-clearing out of the way, here are my observations (and pictures) from the beatdown that was San Jose 2009:

The tailgating scene next to Spartan Stadium. Give the Spartans this much credit: their fans throw a pretty good party. And consider this the next time you want to complain about parking at Mackay: a space in this lot? $30.

Vai Taua's dad and grandfather were kind enough to offer us some of the fantastic BBQ they were serving up, along with this all-important checklist.

How quant!

Not so quant.

You can barely see him, but the guy standing behind the girl on the right is wearing a Michael Vick jersey. Classy.

His career with the Raiders winding down, Tom Cable decides to try his hand at DJ. What loyalty he continues to show his (future) ex-team!

Bay Area sports fans...snooty? Surely you jest! Now pass me another merlot.

The proper way in which to settle any tailgating dispute -- dance-off!

The drunken dancing aside, this guy was terrible. Here he is trying to "rock tha mic" as you kids call it.

The view from what would've been my seat if I'd stayed put. Oddly enough, this is also what the stadium looked like for most of the night.

The closest the Spartans would ever get all night.

The Spartan Marching Band enters.

Downtown San Jose from the top of the east bleachers.

And this is how the Spartan defense felt for the entire game. Quick aside: why is Wolfie wearing pants, but Alphie isn't?

Drake's opening kick-off.

Our new seats afforded our group a better view of the players. Even while we made general fools of ourselves throughout the game, the players stayed focus. What troopers we cheer for!

Alonzo Durham had some cheerleaders of his own. What are the chances the athletic department could start a "'Zo Knows" ad campaign?

Good view of the players. Better view of the cheer and dance teams.

How good is Colin at running the Pistol? Even my highly trained (translation: not trained whatsoever) eye can't tell who has the ball on this play.

Coach Ault and Colin discussing something after another score.

In San Jose this is considered over 11,000. And I'm not making that up.

One of the cheerleaders who so kindly put up with our group repeatedly butchering the fight song that night.

Arguably the most underrated assistant coach in the WAC, running backs coach Jim Mastro.

The offense prepares to take the field again.

Given how often this offense scores, these cheerleaders probably ran several miles worth of end zone that night.

Even opposing band members like our cheerleaders.

The PAT that followed Vai's long TD run. Crushing spirits is fun!

Pulled out in the third quarter, Colin's greatest enemy for the rest of the game was boredom.

Tyler Lantrip prepares to lead the second-team offense.

Courtney Randall prepares to take a hand-off and remind us why he's the team's short yardage back.

Kevin Basped: "I dunno, we're just awesome, I guess!" (Disclaimer: I don't know what Kevin actually said, but pretending is fun)

For the sake of getting home earlier, we decided to head out right here. The team must've sensed we had left, because they didn't score again for the rest of the game -- how nice of them!

Thanks to all of my friends for taking part in what was a great experience. And great job, Pack -- keep the good times rolling all the way through Boise and whichever bowl game you end up in!


Hey, thanks a lot of the pics and thoughts PBAM.  If you keep doing more, we'll keeping posting them up.

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