Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The Nevada Wolf Pack has become the first team in NCAA football history to have three different players rush for over 1,000 yards in the same season.

Think about that.

No seriously.  THINK ABOUT THAT!

The first recorded game took place in 1875 between Tufts University and Harvard University.

We know that Tufts vs. Harvard really isn't the same thing as todays game.  It is safe to say that they've been doing the college football thing for a solid 100 years now.  And with 120 teams in todays game, you figure Nevada is the first team out of somewhere around 10,000 previous teams to accomplish the feat.

Pistol Whipping the WAC wanted to give a shout out to the following:

Chris Ault - inventor and implementor of the offense that made it happen and the coach of one of the guys who did it.

Chris Klenakis - the guy calling the plays.

Jim Mastro - the guy coaching the other two guys who did it.

Cameron Norcross - the guy coaching the guys who blocked for all those yards.

Scott Baumgartner - the guy coaching the guys who had to block downfield to make this happen.

Ken Ackerman, Jose Acuna, Chris Barker, John Bender, Alonzo Durham, Mike Gallett, Steve Haley, Joel Bitonio, Aaron Huck, Stephen Jeffers, James Laughlin, Jeff Meads, Jeff Nady, Alex Pinto, Jon Rabe, Jack Reynoso, Steve Werner, Kevin Bohr, Virgil Green, Talaiasi Puloka, Zack Sudfeld, Kelton Hall, Josh Morrow, Shane Anderson, Joseph Huber, Kyle Larimer, Darvin McCauley, Moe Patterson, Zack Quilici, Dwayne Sanders, Tray Sessions, Malcolm Shepherd, Shea Slayton, Jeffery Taylor, LJ Washington, Chris Wellington, Brandon Wimberly, Michael Wyman, Luke Collis, David Fales, David Fisher, Tyler Lantrip, Emir Lopez, Mason Magleby, Mike Ball, Brandon Fragger, Stephon Jefferson, Cameron Loeffler, Lampford Mark, Courtney Randall - every single offensive player on the roster who blocked for these guys in a game, scrimmage, or practice.  Who hit them with the bag and challenged and pushed them each and every day to get better on the practice field and in the weight room.

Vai Taua, Colin Kaepernick, Luke Lippincott - they guys who allowed themselves to be pushed to be the best they could be all year and were able to stay healthy and unselfish long enough to accomplish such an amazing feat.

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