Monday, April 28, 2008

Butler Headed to the City by the Bay

How funny would it be if Ezra Butler was leaving the Reno area for San Francisco to get away from the earth quakes?

One thing I'm sure that wasn't funny for Ezo was day two of the NFL draft when his name was not called out. Butler was at one time projected as a 3rd round pick. But with nagging injuries after the season and questionable off the field issues before it, Butler's stock plummeted. Now perhaps fortune has smiled on the former Nevada line backer less than just 24 hours later.

Butler will join the San Francisco 49er's for their spring camp as a free agent looking for a shot at making the roster. For Butler, the chance is as good as any as he brings a great skill set to a team that is playing a 3-4 defense. A scheme that requires 4 line backers on the field vs. the traditional 4-3 that requires three. 4 backers on the field means 4 backers in reserve and probably some more behind that. With Ezra's speed and tough play, the sky's the limit.

PWtW wishes Ezra and Adam both all the luck in the world with their futures in football.

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