Friday, April 4, 2008

Preview Opponent...Texas Tech

After an opening game with D1AA opponent Grambling, the Wolf Pack will take on Big 12 opponent Texas Tech in a game that will take place at Mackay Stadium in Reno, NV.

Hopes are high this year for the Red Raiders. A common preseason pick to make a BCS bowl game, the Raiders are returning two of the biggest names in college football. Quarterback Graham Harrell and Wide Out Michael Crabtree are two of the more popular picks for the Heisman race this upcoming season. With 10 starters returning on the offense, and 8 more on the defense it would appear that things look bleak for our Wolf Pack to come out of this one with a win.

But appearances can be deceiving!

2002: 51-48 loss to North Carolina St (the other Wolfpack)

2003: 49-21 loss @ North Carolina St

2004: 27-24 loss @ New Mexico

2006: 12-3 loss @ TCU

In the last 6 seasons the Raiders are 0-2 against teams named "Wolfpack" giving up an average of 50 points in those games. They also have three road losses OOC. If the Red Raiders are going to lose an OOC game this year, it probably won't be at home against weaklings like SMU, Eastern Washington, or UMASS. It will probably be on the road to our Wolf Pack. And considering our offense returns a number of players itself and finished number 12 in total yardage, TT could find itself in a serious shoot-out and also some serious trouble.

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