Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sporting News....WTF?

Ok, so I guess I just don't get why a guy like myself should write a free blog while guys like this Tom Dienhart get paid by national publications like the Sporting News to write opinions backed by zero facts.

What am I talking about?

A recent article written by Tom describes his version of ranking the 52 Non-BCS coaches. He's got:
1. June Jones (now SMU but must be based on his body of work at Hawaii)
3. Pat Hill; Fresno
5. Chris Peterson; Boise
8. Dick Tomey; San Jose
20. Chris Ault; Nevada

Now let me break this down for you kids.

1. June Jones (9 years CFB experience): 75-41 record. Got destroyed by Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Last 6 years, 1-5 vs. Boise. 1-9 vs. ranked opponents with first win coming over Boise in Hawaii this past year. 2 WAC championships, 1 shared with Fresno in 1999 and last year's undefeated season. 3-9 in 2000 and 5-7 in 2005.
And somehow this resume leads to the #1 coach in the nation of the 52 non bcs coaches? 2 losing seasons and 2 league titles in 9 years is the best, huh?

3. Pat Hill (10 years experience): 85-55 record. 1 WAC championship shared with Hawaii in 1999. A .500 record in bowl games. A 4-8 record in 2006. 1-5 vs. Boise.
Good old Pat Hill. The dawgs have had the same M.O. year after year. Be competitive against BCS teams, and then not win the WAC. As seen in his 1 shared championship in 10 years. And losing half your bowl games? But still the 3rd best...okay.

5. Chris Peterson (2 years experience): 23-3 record. 1 WAC championship in 2006. 1 BCS bowl victory in the Fiesta Bowl. 1-1 in bowl games.
So a guy inherits a primed team from a coach who actually probably does belong high on this list (if he hadn't went to a BCS team), leads said team through one magical season including a one hell of a bowl game, has a pretty good year in his 2nd season which ends on a bowl loss, and he's now the #5 coach out of all non BCS coaches? I guess experience really counted for a lot on this list.

8. Dick Tomey (27 years experience): 175-129-7 record. Too much to list!
Hey, I'm not going to insult Tomey. The guy's got as big a resume as any. In 11 seasons as a WAC head coach, he hasn't won a championship though. He's had 7 losing seasons in his 27 years. He does have a Pac 10 championship to his name and a 5-3 bowl record.

20. Chris Ault (23 years experience): 191-85-1 record. One induction into the Hall of Fame. 1 WAC championship in 4 years. 2-3 record in bowl games. 3 losing seasons in 23 years.
So he's in 4 seasons of WAC coaching, and CA's got as many championships as Hill. He's in the coaching HOF. His 3 losing seasons were records of 5-6, 5-7, and 6-7. None as bad as Jones's 3-9 or Hill's 4-8. And he'ld have to have a losing season each year for the next four to match Tomey. Ault has a victory over a ranked team (Fresno to be exact) which means he has as many in 4 years as Jones had in 9. And with all that said, Ault is middle of the road, #20.

So now that you see what I'm talking about you can understand my frustrations. I should be getting paid too. How can Mr. Dienhart write these things and be serious? It's like he just looked at who's been good the last couple years and who's expected to be good this year and then formed a list off the top of his head.


Drew said...

So I see you chose to list record against Boise State as your criteria for June Jones and Pat Hill. Why not Chris Ault?

Packfan7 said...

I don't want to have to get into all the Big Sky / Big West days, etc. Ault is 7-14 lifetime vs. Boise. In the WAC he's 0-4. The point was that the guy ranked June Jones and Pat Hill AHEAD of Peterson. Wouldn't coaches who were that great at least snag an occasional victory from you guys.