Friday, April 11, 2008

Nevada "O" vs. Fresno "Oh"

Uncle Rico = Typical Fresno State Fan

So apparently some Fresno fans have been getting a little out of hand this spring thinking they are going to have the best offense in the WAC this year.


Excuse me, did I miss something here?

The Pack was ahead of the puppies last year in scoring. And in rushing yards. Oh yeah, and in passing yards. And we return just about every key part of that.

So what makes Fresno think they are going to be better? A preseason #23 ranking I guess. Maybe because some of them think Tom Brandstater is going to be the next David Carr? Were those the same fans who were begging for Sean Norton just 16 months ago? Maybe it's because they have the Freshman of the Year, Ryan Mathews. No wait just a second. Actually it was our guy who got that award. But if you talked to any Raisin loving fool down there you wouldn't know it. And besides, he ran for what was it? 866 yards. Our back went for 1400! Their WR's caught 15 TD's on the year. We had a QB who played 8 games and threw for 19!

I mean, even though we lost we still put up more offense in last years game than you did. And no, you didn't play your 3rd and 4th stringers all game. I saw starters in late.

Get off the kool ade guys. The fact that you're not talking about your defense as much as most years should be your concern. Not how great you are going to be at moving the ball. You guys sound like uncle Rico: Could throw it over that mountain if you wanted too, right? You might be the early favorite in the conference but to start the "We are going to be the best offense in the WAC" at this point is about as silly as saying "we are going to the BCS this year" with Rutgers, UCLA, and Wisconsin on the schedule and knowing you can't ever win the WAC outright itself. And it's also just the sort of thing that is going to backfire on you big time come one Friday night in Nov.

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