Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Heisman Candidate in Reno?

This week on College Football Live, a Hawaii Rainbows fan wrote in to ask if Hawaii could win the WAC this year.

Analyst and former Minnesota Vikings RB Robert Smith weighed in with his thoughts.

In his answer, he basically said no. He went on to say that Fresno State had too much this year and that Boise was going to be good again. He then went on to mention our beloved Nevada Wolf Pack as also being a team that would be hard to beat and further said that our own quarterback Colin Kaepernick was, in his opinion, a dark horse Heisman candidate who should put up huge numbers this season.

Well we are with you on that one RS. We hope you're right and that those numbers translate into a great season for the team and a WAC title in 2008.

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