Wednesday, August 27, 2008



This picture pretty much sums up the fall camp. And now we are heading into the first game and there are a lot of things going on. And PWtW has done a piss poor job of updating you on all the latest. So let's recap:

*Three scrimmages down (one was private) and the defense appeared to have the upper hand all camp.
*In today's paper, coach Ault commented he was concerned with the defense, especially the secondary. Huh? Not from what I saw this fall. Coach speak!
*ESPN broke the news that coach Ault selected a starting QB (Kaepernick).
*They also broke the news that BSU selected a starting QB (Moore). And lost a QB (Lomax).
*And that Grambling State selected a starting QB (what ever his name is).
*Speaking of ESPN, they've been doing Nevada a solid by listing Wolf Pack players amongst the top non bcs players at their positions. This included Kaepernick at the number 6 QB, Lippincott at the number 2 RB, and in an amazing selection of genius, Marko Mitchell is listed as the number 1 (yep, numero uno) WR amongst non bcs WR's in the country.
*The two deep shows mostly what we thought all along. Dom Green may be given some more time to get rid of little nagging injuries and Kevin Basped may split snaps with Ryan Coulson for similar reasons. Generally speaking the team is very healthy otherwise.

So what are we predicting for this weekend?

1. Drae Dog and Nate Dog destroy the Grambling center and guards and the Tigers rush for less than 100 yards.

2. Kevin and Dante's Inferno destroy Gramblings tackles and quarterback and get 3 sacks between the two of them. Coulson will get in on the action too with a couple tackles for loss.

3. Mauga gets bored and breaks up a couple of passes.

4. The secondary gets a pick.

5. Luke "The Duke of Mackay" goes over 130 on the ground and collects at least one TD. He begins his quest to defend his rushing title and has 200 all purpose yards.

6. A back other than Luke will collect a TD in this game.

7. Kaepernick throws his first TD pass of the year. And has his first TD run of the year.

8. Mitchell has a TD catch but does not lead the team in yardage. Mike McCoy has a big game!

9. Virgil Green will catch a pass. He always does on NCAA 09!

10. Nevada will go over 40 points and Grambling will stay under 15. (A-B = Wolf Pack victory dummies!)

11. And the bold prediction of the week.....Brad Langley will pin the Tigers inside the 10 on a rare Nevada punt.

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