Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lots Of Love on a Wednesday

Wow, lots of nice comments about the Pack this week.

Unlike OBNUG, one blog we do like is Statistically Speaking. They just finished their analysis of the WAC and how it should shake out. They were pretty spot on last year. They like us again this year, although do pick the uglies up north to win the WAC.

Some things PWtW didn't realize: Nevada went for over 500 yards against everyone in the WAC but Boise and Hawaii. We knew the Pack was 120 out of 120 in pass defense, but we didn't know (yet not surprised) that we were also 115 out of 120 on opponents kickoff return average. Yuck!

The guys over at Football Nation Blogs had a brief paragraph about our depth at RB. Very Watsonesqe unfortunately.

Fantasy football web sites like Fantasy College Blitz, Athlon Sports, etc love them some Nevada offense. Fantasy College Blitz has Kaep rated #5. We've seen him as high as #2 behind Houston's Case Keenum but so far no one has gone lower than 10., an Irish site, has been giving Nevada some props as well by claiming that Nevada boasts a top 5 player per position in regards to their schedule. Durham was the most recent player.

College Football News writer Pete Fiutak says Colin Kaepernick is one of 5 players who you will be talking about in September. We'll probably be talking about him in October, November, December and January too!

Our favorite ESPN writer, Bruce Feldman, picks Nevada as one of his top 10 BCS Buster candidates for 2009.

Nevada fans are going crazy (and pretty hilarious too, special shout out to the funeral picture) with photo editing tools on Silver and Blue Sports. There are also some good recruiting articles and stories on the site as well.

If you're ballin like a rock star, then you probably have a twitter account. Recently the Wolf Pack Sports group posted a link to a video of 2008 highlights. Similar to what is played on the big screen at Mackay before the games.

It might also be here:

That's about it for now. We'll clean this up a bit later so that it's easier to read on link to the articles.


Patrick H said...

I posted that link to Statistically Speaking on the SilverandBlueSports board, but I swear I hadn't read this post when I did it. I would have directed some traffic this way otherwise. I may have discovered the site here on PWtW last year, I'm not sure where I found it. I just wanted to let you know I wasn't poaching on your turf. I love the site.

Packfan7 said...

No worries. That's not the sort of thing we worry about. And actually, it was probably pretty close to the same time anyway.

Thanks for reading!

OBNUG said...
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OBNUG said...

"unlike OBNUG" ... I'm hurt.

Good list of links; I'll have to check out that Statistically Speaking fellow. I only read websites that pick the Broncos to win.

Vince said...

Thanks for the love to Fantasy College Blitz, And I now have a Wolfpack site to bookmark. We love us some WAC football, always have (Chance Kretschemr, anyone?) and likely always will.

Given that, it would mean a lot if you and OBNUG got along in a collegial manner. I get the rivalry, but no ugliness please. We need more love in this world