Thursday, June 11, 2009

What The Hell Is Going On Around Here?

We started seeing threads earlier today pop up on by Nevada fans talking about QB's (our QB's!) being drafted to MLB teams.

So we went over to to check into this and did not like what we found:

Our new QB coming in this summer, Mason Magleby, gets drafted to the Baltimore Orioles today in the 41st round!

Then our starting and WAC 1st Team All Conf QB Colin Kaepernick gets drafted to the Chicago Cubs in the 43rd round!

Then, just before the anxiety struck, we realized there was nothing to worry about (and read a presser from Nevada's twitter page to confirm this). Fortunately it was lunch time and we were able to dump our sandwich and apple out and use the bag to help breath.

Our only comment after mulling all of this over now is directed to coach and staff. Getting these flame throwers at QB is great. But how about going after some future golden glovers at the WR spot to give them a hand!

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