Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nevada's EA Sports NCAA 2010 Ratings

Want to know what EA Sports NCAA 2010 ratings of the Wolf Pack starters are?

We got em!

We'll just do the starting roster:


Kaepernick: 91 overall
Taua: 81 overall (listed as FB)
Lippincott: 84 overall (actually they have Fragger as an 85, highest RB)
Wellington: 78 overall
Wimberly: 67 overall
Green: 70 overall
Ackerman: 80 overall
Bender: 81 overall
Durham: 82 overall
Gallett: 88 overall


Moch: 58 overall
Basped: 65 overall
Agiava: 80 overall
Bethea: 78 overall
Marshall: 49 overall
Harvey: 71 overall
Frey: 76 overall
Amaya: 73 overall

Special Teams:
Langley: 79 overall
Drake: 81 overall


Well, it's obvious they didn't rate based on actual facts. More like some stats and overall offense/defense ratings. Basped and Moch are WWWWAAAAAYYYYYY off. Some players are missing and some are out of position. Others just are off, like the two ends. We're sure they meant for Durham to be rated 88. They had some players like #4 WR rated real high. Another obvious mistake.

When it's all said and done, we will buy it.

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