Friday, July 25, 2008

The Big Debate

After coach Ault's comments on the quarterback situation at WAC Media Day and the Reno Gazette Journal's article titled "Kaepernick Top QB Heading Into Fall Camp"

There has a been a frenzy of internet posters and bloggers proclaiming their allegiance to either Graziano or Kaepernick and how they feel about the situation.

They use stats. They explain that injury should not result in losing one's job. They talk about who's the better passer. Who's the better runner. Who has the best shot at the NFL. Who's ready to lead the teams to wins today.

But the one common thing that many, many of these people forget is this:

They are BOTH Nevada Wolf Pack football players.

Unfortunately many fans take to cutting down one player to build up the other. It's just not necessary.

I believe I remember a couple of years back, Matt Leinart was drafter to the NFL by the Arizona Cardinals. His back up, Matt Cassel was also drafted by the New England Patriots and is still a member of that organization. Even in a one quarterback system in college (and yes, Nevada is not USC) a player who has the skills can still get their opportunity at the next level. And of course at the college level, as we saw last year, all it takes is one injury and someone is going to be thrust right into the spotlight. Lets hope that doesn't happen but also lets be ready for it if it does. Kaepernick showed he was ready last year as a freshman. Now Graziano will need to show the same readiness as a player coming off of an serious injury.
Good luck to both in fall camp (which opens in 10 days).

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Blackwolf said...

Nice points on the 2 QB's, especially that they "both" play for the University of Nevada. I personally like Kaep better, just like that he is still young, very athletic, and upside is huge. Looking forward to the season getting started.