Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I've Learned About Nevada in 2008

From Playing NCAA 09.

1. Texas Tech is next to impossible to defeat, while Missouri is rather easy to defeat. Yet at the end of the season, Missouri will make a BCS game and Texas Tech will not.

2. Nevada will slaughter anyone who does not have a good passing attack. No back will produce a 100 yard game against the Pack.

3. Nevada will have to score on every possession when playing against any team who does have a good passing attack.

4. Brett Jaekle can't get a touch back on a kick off no matter how perfect he strikes it. Nor can he make a field goal over 47 yards without a strong wind to his back.

5. Brett Jaekle kicks the onside kick better than anyone and the Pack has a 50% or better recovery rate.

6. Virgil Green will be an absolute monster at TE this year and will have 10 TD's easy.

7. Colin Kaepernick will get run down from behind rather easily by any BCS defensive tackle.

8. Colin Kaepernick will be 75% on his passes and will have the school record for TD's in a season, but will also have 25 interceptions.

9. Luke Lippincott will consistently get 3 to 4 yards up the gut and will never fumble.

10. Luke Lippincott will be deadly when receiving the pitch when Nevada runs the option to the strong side.

11. Marko Mitchell is unstoppable on the 10 yard hook when the defense is in man coverage.

12. Marko Mitchell is also deadly on the WR screen pass.

13. Rocco Beene will be missed as he was a serious threat when running patterns to the flats on quick slant pass plays.

14. Mike McCoy will be unstoppable on the quick comeback when pass plays take place inside the 5.

15. Mike McCoy is still the best when it comes to dragging a foot on the sidelines.

16. Dwayne Sanders is good for a 6-10 yard gain coming out of motion over the middle. Every time.

17. Josh Mauga will lead the team in tackles. And in face masking penalties.

18. Mundrae Clifton will lead the team in sacks. And the team will rarely record a sack in a game, even though the offense is passing like crazy.

19. Jon Amaya will lead the team in interceptions and defensive touchdowns. He's actually one of the best players in the game for Nevada, period!

20. Coach Ault will be the National Coach of the Year and lead the team to the BCS championship game (they finish two in the standings) against Florida State. After multiple resets, they will win the whole darn thing!

There are a bunch more things we notice while playing this game. Like how magically the computer will create a turnover or call the exact correct defense when you are in the red zone late in the fourth quarter going for the go-ahead score. Or how every team in America apparently passes on 70% of their plays, and some on 97%. Playing on-line can be fun, but most people select top 25 ranked BCS teams and if you are even close to evenly matched in your playing skills, you have almost no prayer to win. WAY too biased towards BCS teams.

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