Thursday, July 17, 2008


Wow is there a lack of football news or what?

Just in an attempt to satisfy you fans, here are some things going on and some others to look forward to in the upcoming weeks:

NCAA 09 released on Tuesday (got my copy) and unfortunately for those of you with Playstation 3, there is an issue with downloading and editing rosters which can F-up your system. Apparently they are working on a patch that will be downloadable and will fix that, although it may take a few more days to be available. I went ahead and edited my roster a little anyway and I have noticed that the announcers will voice McCoy, Mitchell, and Jaekle's names. Have yet to hear others. I was able to defeat some poor schlep who was playing as Mississippi State but when I played some guy who was using Missouri, it wasn't pretty. Obviously not a very real life like outcome (I pray).

You can buy the 2008 Fall Media Guide here:

The cover features Luke Lippincott, Jonathon Amaya, Brett Jaekle, and Marko Mitchell standing around the Fremont Cannon.

Speaking of the Fremont Cannon, it sounds like on July 26th (a week from Saturday) the Cannon will be in display in the Meadowood mall at the new Silver and Blue Outfitters store. Also scheduled to make an appearance at the store is Nevada Head Coach Chris Ault, some of the staff, and even (and most importantly) the cheerleaders! So bring the family down, buy some gear to support the team and a local business, and get some pictures while your at it.

You can see what sort of Wolf Pack stuff Silver and Blue sells by visiting their web site:

Also next week is WAC media day, as we've mentioned before. Rumor is that Coach Ault will be taking Luke and Mundrae Clifton to Salt Lake with him. We are really looking forward to coach's and the players' take on how the summer has gone and what they are expecting from the team this fall.

Last but not least.............17 days until fall camp officially opens. 45 days to the main event!


Rory said...

Strange not having Mauga and Green on the cover of the media guide.

Packfan7 said...

I think they are on the back cover along with Mundrae Clifton, Uche Anyanwu, and Greg Hall.

That is, if I got that correct. Which I think I did.

Eric said...

Hey, Packfan, I was doing a thing called "Blogger Q&A" where I interview different bloggers about their respective teams. I was wondering if you wanted to join in.

Packfan7 said...


Email me at