Friday, September 5, 2008


The picture above is of Marko Mitchell scoring a TD. This weekend when the Nevada Wolf Pack square off against the Texas Tech Red Raiders, we expect to see a lot of that (well minus the hideous orange end zone).

Let's take a look at the numbers in week 1:

Scoring: Nevada 49 points. Tech 49. Advantage: Push
Defense: Nevada 13 points. Tech 24. Advantage: Pack
Rushing: Nevada 426 yards. Tech 103. Advantage: Pack
Passing: Nevada 223 yards. Tech 536. Advantage: Tech

Some other interesting things to consider: When either team scores over 30, they both tend to win. The advantage has to go to Tech though as since 2001 they are a staggering 53-9. However, when Tech has been held to less than 30, they are a staggering 6-22. So the solution seems to be to hold them under 30 while scoring more than 30. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, hey the Pack defense already loooks better this year but we aren't asking for miracles either. Unless the Pack offense can sustain long drives with TD's and the defense can cause problems in the backfield, they probably will reach 30 or more. But if the Pack offense doesn't sustain long drives, but does score TD's regularly, then a shoot out could unfold. And as long as the Wolf Pack can hang around til the 4th quarter then anything is possible at home under the lights.

Official PWtW prediction: Nevada 38, Texas Tech 35. Jaekle with a field goal as time expires.

Now lets get out there and do this doggone thing!


OBNUG said...

Hideous orange end zone? The only thing hideous about it is that a Nevada player has soiled it with his presence.

Seriously, though, good luck against TTech.

Packfan7 said...

Had them in the cross hairs and couldn't pull the trigger! So close.

Thanks for the well wishes though...