Sunday, September 14, 2008

Langley the Scholarship Punter

(from Nevada Wolf Pack)

This year coach Ault decided to give a scholarship to a punter. And that punter is former American River CC punter Brad Langley.

Since we needed something positive to write about, why not write about an improvement that has been noticed.

On Saturday, Langley got a work out, punting 7 times for an average of 41 yards. Now consider that was 41 yards in the rain and wind. Now further consider that since 2001, only Derek Jones (2002) and Justin Bergendahl (2005) had a season that they averaged 41 yards punting. And finally consider the Langley was averaging 47 yards per through the first two games, when the weather was less of a factor.

If you consider Nevada punters average around 60 punts in a season, Langley could be worth about 420 yards or more of field position a season over past Nevada punters. We think that's absolutely worth a scholarship!

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