Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, Monday

It's Monday and this weekend is the first chance Nevada will have to achieve one of it's seasonal goals. The goals, incase you aren't aware, are:

1. Beat FUNLV
2. Having a winning record
3. Win the WAC
4. Make a bowl game.

A little blurb on the game from Fantasy Football site "Fantasy College Blitz"


COLIN KAEPERNICK (Nevada) and OMAR CLAYTON (UNLV): A rivalry game under the radar nationally, but, a real snot-fest inside the Silver State…think of Auburn-Alabama hate-ness…with sports books nearby. Kaepernick is always a good play against equal competition, while Clayton has come around to become a threat both on the ground and in the air."

We like this blurb because it's someone outside of the state that knows Nevada is the Silver State. And it's also someone outside of the state that knows this is a serious and big-time "hate-ness" type of rivalry.

We also think that it's time Kaepernick "goes off" on someone. He's had respectable games now against some major competition and it's time for the young QB to erupt on someone in the form of some serious statage.

Check in through out the week to read more about FUNLV's portrayal of Custer's Last Stand (with the Nevada Wolf Pack playing the part of the Cheyenne tribe and special guest apppearance by Chris Ault as Chief Sitting Bull) set to take place this Saturday night.

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