Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Penalties, Turnovers, and Just Plain Bad Timing

It was those types of things that doomed the Pack this past Saturday against the #12 ranked Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Here is a list of how badly we just missed in this game:

Drive #1. On 3rd and 2 at the Tech 11, the Pack only picked up 1 yard and was forced to kick the 3 from the 10. One more yard....

Drive #2. Starting with the ball on the 40, Nevada is flagged for holding. They then picked up 11 yards on the next two plays. Instead of having 1st and 10 in Tech territory, a 3rd and 9 pass was incomplete and a punt from Nevada territory ensued. And the Tech player ran it back for 7!

Drive #3. Starting with the ball on the 20, Nevada converts two first downs. On 3rd and 1 from the Tech 43, Lippincott appears to plunge through for the first down. But Nevada is flagged for holding. On 3rd and 11 Quarterback Colin Kaepernick gets sacked. Instead of a 1st down in Tech territory, Nevada is punting from it's own 35.

Drive #4. Starting with the ball on the Nevada 17, the Pack converts 3 first downs to push it all the way to the Tech 30. On 3rd and 4 from the Tech 24, Lippincott rushed for no gain. Jaekle misses the 42 yarder.

Drive #5. After converting on 3 first downs, with first and goal from the 10, Taua rushes for 6 yards to the 4. On 2nd and goal from the 4, Kaepernick gets sacked. Third down completion falls short. Field goal is good. (7-6 in the second quarter).

Drive #6. 2 big rushes for Kaepernick move the ball down to the Tech 14. On first down, Kaepernick's pass is tipped up and intercepted.

Drive #8. 5 first downs and with the ball on the 10 (what is up with 1st and goal from the 10?) and 2nd down, Fragger picks up 5. 3rd and goal from the 5 and Fragger picks up 2. 4th and goal from the 3, Kaepernick fumbles (supposedly).

Drive #9. 3rd and 12 on Tech 18 and Fragger rushes for 4. Huh? Jaekle field goal. (14-12 half way through 3rd quarter).

Drive #10. 4 first downs and missed 44 yard field goal. (Could have been 21-15 going to the 4th).

Drive #12. With one last gasp to try and score and kick an onsider, after 3 first downs on the Tech 23 with 3+ minutes to play Kaepernick is sacked on consecutive plays.

Game Over. UGH!

And I didn't even go into detail on the fact that the Pack just lost one of the best offensive players in the WAC in RB Luke Lippincott who tore up a knee during the game. We are expecting Vai and Brandon to pick up the load where Luke left off. Silver lining....Nevada could have it's best chance at a BCS run next season and unexpectidly having Luke to contribute to that could be huge!

Other thoughts:

Well, uh, there is a game this weekend with the #6 team in the country. Sort of a big deal there.

We expect coach Ault and company to tidy up the mis-cues this weekend and present Mizzou with something in the way of a little 35-31 upset in Columbia. How do you like that Tiger fans? This Wolf Pack already has a taste for Tiger meet and they liked it. Last time they feasted on a little juvenile Tiger and now they're hunting for the big game.

Catch a Tiger by it's tail.....

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