Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Few Words on Brandon Wimberly

I didn't think it would be right to continue "blogging as usual" unless I said a few words about Brandon Wimberly first.

For the second time this summer, tragedy has struck our Nevada family. A bright and promising young life, though thankfully not extinguished from this world, was nonetheless forever changed. Although I can't say I know him personally, it is clear that Brandon has touched a lot of people's lives, and that is reason enough for me to feel profoundly saddened by Saturday's news.

I thought about listing some of my favorite memories of him wearing the silver and blue. But this isn't a memorial, and it wouldn't feel right to do that for a young man whose entire life is still in front of him. More importantly, this isn't about football.

Instead, all I ask is that you reserve judgment on this situation until all the facts come to light. Look at some of the things which have previously been said about him before you jump to any conclusions. Let this case play out before making any presumptions about Brandon, his teammates, his coaches or the city of Reno.

Please wish Brandon the best on the road to recovery that now lies before him. But more importantly, give him and everyone else involved in these events the benefit of the doubt that our system of justice provides.

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